Love in the office

IT ISN’T usual for producer Raja Alawiyah Raja Idris to read a book and becomes captivated by its storyline. But when she read Norhayati Berahim’s Cinta Pertama, she was determined to come up with a series based on it. 

“The first time I read the book, I was so taken by it and I was hoping to be able to adapt it into a drama series.  

“With the help of my scriptwriter Nazli Jaafar (fondly known as Che Li), I have my dream realised,” said Alawiyah during the launch of Tak Tercapai Akalmu at her Bright Network Sdn Bhd office in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, recently.  

“I’m satisfied with the result. As a producer, it is not easy to feel satisfied every time you’re producing dramas. But this one is different,” she added. 

Lisdawati and Ady Putra play lead roles in the drama series Tak Tercapai Akalmu on RTM1.

Tak Tercapai Akalmu revolves around colleagues Nurul Iman (played by Lisdawati) and Carl Lesmana (Ady Putra), who gradually fall in love with each other but are too embarrassed to reveal their feelings.  

Tired and disappointed in waiting for Carl to confess his feelings for her, Nurul decides to get engaged to her long-time boyfriend Muaz. 

The drama was filmed mostly in Johor Baru. Alawiyah felt that it was high time for a drama series to get away from Kuala Lumpur and the KLCC Petronas Twin Tower landmarks. 

“There are so many dramas that used Kuala Lumpur as the location. I decided to present a different feel and scenery by moving south to Johor Baru and what we found there was endless hospitality from our sponsors and amazingly beautiful scenery,” added Alawiyah.  

Her sentiment was echoed by Lisdawati. “All my previous dramas were filmed in Kuala Lumpur but this time, we practically camped on the location site in Johor Baru for two months to film the drama,” said Lisdawati.  

“I have acted in a few dramas and what attracted me most about Tak Tercapai Akalmu is the storyline and the role that I played.  

“The most interesting for me was the fact that I learnt to ride a horse as my character is an avid horse-rider. So I had to take up horse-riding lessons. It was a totally new experience to me but it had been fun,” said Lisdawati.  

Lisdawati’s love interest is played by Ady Putra, a Kuala Lumpur-based Singaporean actor. 

For the 25-year-old actor, whose real name is Mohamed Hadi Putera Halim, playing Carl was a new experience. 

“I have played different roles, from an ungrateful son to a lousy brother. So playing Carl who has difficulty expressing his feeling was quite a challenge for me. 

“In fact, his family (in the drama) was wondering whether Carl has turned into a homosexual due to his failed relationships with a few women. 

“Carl has given up on women until Nurul changes his perception of the opposite sex,” said Ady whose acting credits include dramas Haryati2, Kelahiran Yang Teristimewa, Dakapan Senja, Kasih Relaku Paujuk, Mya Zara and Aku Cinta Padamu. 

Directed by Feroz Abdul Kadir Sahib, the series also stars Shaharuddin Thamby, Ridzuan Hashim, Aida Radzwill and Mahmud Ali Basha. 

  • Tak Tercapai Akalmu is aired from Mondays to Fridays on RTM1 at 11.05am.