Salina loves tough cop role in telemovie CID 3278

KUALA LUMPUR: For Salina Saibi, playing the role of tough cop Inspector Rita in the new police drama CID 3278 is a dream come true. 

Understandably, the 24-year-old singer-turned-actress was over the moon when actor-producer Rosyam Nor told her the good news after her audition. 

GETTING IN THE RIGHT FORM: Salina in a striking pose for apromotion shoot for her upcoming action drama.

“I have always loved action dramas and movies. I was a rough-and-tough girl when I was young,” said Salina after the launch of CID 3278 at Pulapol (Police Training Centre) in Jalan Semarak here on Thursday. 

CID 3278, directed by Silver Chung who is famous for thrillers Kem 505 and Blok 404, is about the ups and downs faced by several investigation officers in the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in dealing with their job and personal lives. 

Featuring mostly new faces, the 13-episode action drama is produced by Suhan Movies with award-winning actor Rosyam playing the baddie. 

“I didn’t have the chance to play action roles in my previous dramas,” said Kuala Lumpur-born Salina. 

“It is nice to have an action role after playing a wicked woman, a home-wrecker and an innocent kampung girl in my previous dramas. 

“I love playing Inspector Rita, doing exciting police work with a lot of investigating and fighting scenes,” said Salina who performed her own stunts. 

She said she was filming the telemovie Warkah Dari Alabama when she found out about the audition. 

As part of the preparations for her role, Salina together with the other cast members underwent a one-month training course at Pulapol here. 

“We had extensive training, including marching and other fitness programmes,” said Salina. 

Highly committed to the series, Salina had to pull out of what would have been her big screen debut in the upcoming Misteri Orang Minyak

  • CID 3278 airs on Wednesdays on TV9 from Aug 9, at 9pm.