Turbulent love story

THE devastating tsunami that occurred on Dec 26 last year not only claimed close to 275,000 lives but also caused losses amounting to millions of ringgit. In memory of the tragedy, production house Global Station has produced a new drama series, Cinta Tsunami (Tsunami Love). It revolves around love and family conflicts that happened after the tsunami disaster in Thailand and Malaysia. 

The drama, directed by Fauziah Ahmad Daud, features a stellar cast including Datuk Rahim Razali, Rahimah Rahim, Ary Malik, Bront and Thai actress-cum-model Julaluck Kitti Yarat. 

This is Global Station’s first production that features both Malaysian and Thai actors. 

“The tsunami was one of the deadliest tragedies in modern history. It affected a lot of people and claimed many lives. Our drama is about the love story between a Thai husband and his wife. It will definitely touch the hearts of many viewers,” said Fauziah after the launch of the drama series at Sri Pentas in Petaling Jaya recently.  

Ary Malik (left) and Thai actress Julaluck Kitti Yarat star in Cinta Tsunami. – Pic by AZLINA ABDULLAH

Cinta Tsunami is a poignant love story about Marina whose husband Amran died after the catastrophe.  

She slowly recovers from her loss and later befriends a Siamese guy, Rangsit, who bears a striking resemblance to Amran.  

Rangsit, who has also lost his wife in the tragedy, hides his true identity and passes himself off as Amran to escape from his painful past in Thailand. However, problems arise when Wanda, Rangsit’s wife, suddenly appears.  

“It’s a beautiful love story between Rangsit and Wanda. Viewers will see how Rangsit comes to Malaysia to escape the happenings in his homeland. Thinking that his wife has perished in the tsunami, he ends up falling for Marina. It has a lot of substance,” said Fauziah.  

Fauziah, who directed Malaysian-Thai movie Makam Cinta in 2003, chose Julaluck, fondly known as Ying, as the lead actress because she wanted a fresh face and also an actress of calibre.  

“I met her three years ago at the Malaysian Film Festival. There was a certain aura about her and I knew she was talented. When I was offered to direct this series, Ying came to mind.” 

Cinta Tsunami was filmed last June in Kuala Lumpur, Sungai Buloh in Selangor, Balik Pulau in Penang (the exact place where the tsunami struck) and Tumpat in Kelantan.  

Fauziah had initially wanted to shoot in Patong Beach, Thailand (another place badly hit by the tidal waves), but faced problems in obtaining a permit. 

“We had to change the location from Patong Beach to Tumpat as both have similar Siamese villages. Luckily, I managed to do a re-enactment of the rescue efforts in Balik Pulau. Locals came forward to help which made the recording a breeze,” said Fauziah, adding that the 12-episode series took a month to shoot.  

Ying had a splendid time working with the Malaysian cast and crew. The petite 27-year-old, who has starred in Thai movies Pra A Pai Mani and Soul and TV series To Fon Kab Ma Vin and Jan Yu Ja Chai, said Fauziah and the actors were warm and made her feel at home.  

“It was simply great. I only had problems learning Bahasa Malaysia but luckily the actors were helpful,” said Ying. 

  • Cinta Tsunami is aired on Mondays and Tuesdays at 7.30pm on TV3.