Kawaii! Babymetal, teenage girls with a love for metal music

Warning: Japan’s cutest girl band ever does not play music fit for your mother’s ears.

Can a song about chocolate make your head explode? Why, yes, if you’re not a fan of metal music, that is.

Babymetal is a Japanese metal band that comprises three innocent-looking teenagers – Suzuka Nakamoto (17), Moa Kikuchi and Yui Mizuno (both 15). The band, formed in 2010 when Moa and Yui were barely 11, released its self-titled debut album in February and is fast gaining international fame via its explosive music and videos.

The trio is led by Suzuka, who sings all the songs, while the two younger girls provide backing vocals aka “screams”. All three of them perform carefully choreographed dances on stage and in their music videos. Really, the girls are Just.So.Darn.Cute. prancing around in their schoolgirl uniforms and ponytails to hardcore guitar riffs and drumming.

The “live” music video of Gimme Chocolate!!, one of Babymetal’s numerous infectious tracks, has garnered more than six million views on YouTube, with tons of positive comments from users all over the globe. Other recommended tracks include Megitsune (the video for this is awesome), debut single Ijime Dame Zettai, Onedari Daisakusen, Iine and Head Bangya!!.

While metal music has been (unfairly) associated with bad behaviour, rebellion and even “devil worshipping”, Babymetal does not embody any of that. Babymetal’s music focuses on real-world issues that other teenagers face each day, encouraging everyone to stand up for themselves, to boldly accept who they are and simply, to love life.

Based on a fan website that provides English translations of Babymetal’s songs, Suzuka, Moa and Yui mostly sing about “having good feelings” (Iine), the effects of bullying (Ijime Dame Zettai), going to school and coping with peer pressure (Doki Doki). In Gimme Chocolate!!, the girls confront body image worries that many women face today ... and their love of chocolate.

Babymetal has the distinction of being the youngest ever group to perform at two of Japan’s biggest music festivals – Summer Sonic in 2012 and Loud Park Festival (2013). The group also staged another show at last year’s Summer Sonic, and has announced that it will play at the Sonisphere Festival 2014 in Brtain this July.

How can you not love these girls? From left: Yui Mizuno, Suzuka Nakamoto and Moa Kikuchi.  

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