A new chapter

Highly anticipat ed:Yuna’s upcoming EPSixth Street is due forrelease on May 7.Highly anticipat ed:Yuna’s upcoming EPSixth Street is due forrelease on May 7.

Yuna’s upcoming Sixth Street EP promises to take her career to the next level.

SINGER-SONGWRITER Yuna is weeks away from releasing her first EP under David Foster’s Verve Music Group. The 26-year-old said the upcoming EP Sixth Street opens a “new chapter” in her life and all the songs were written in her apartment in Los Angeles where she is currently based.

Sixth Street is scheduled for digital release on May 7. In conjunction with the release of Sixth Street, Yuna will be staging a live performance on virtual venue platform Stageit (www.stageit.com). Malaysian fans can log on to Stageit on May 8 at 10am for an intimate preview of Yuna’s upcoming EP. Plus fans can also relive some old favourites like Decorate and Deeper Conversation.

Universal Music Malaysia managing director Loan Cheong said this international release will cement Yuna’s career on the global music front.

“This is great for any artiste, especially for a home-bred Malaysian and I can’t wait to hear her new record. Universal Music will invest in resources to ensure her music is amplified.” said Cheong.

In an interview with Yuna’s manager Wawa; she said the EP will feature five to six songs. “Basically the EP is going to prepare listeners for her full-length album due in September or October this year,” said Wawa.

The full-length album is currently still in progress and Wawa remains tight-lipped on details like number of tracks and singles. However, she can reveal one exlusive detail about Sixth Street.

“The EP will feature Yuna’s collaboration with Incubus’ guitarist Mike Einzieger. Overall, I can tell you that it sounds totally different from what most listeners are accustomed to Yuna and it’s going to surprise a lot of people.”

As of now, it has been confirmed that Yuna’s first single from Sixth Street is titled I Wanna Go.

Wawa also mentioned that Yuna is in talks with Istana Budaya in Kuala Lumpur to stage a live concert performance.

“At the moment, we’re hoping for the concert to take place sometime in September this year.”

Alor Setar, Kedah-born Yuna has come a long way since her days as an online artiste on MySpace.

Yuna’s international career began when she signed to New York-based label Fader in 2011. Hip hop maestro Pharell Williams introduced Yuna as one of his favourite singers at a live showcase in Brooklyn, New York. He also produced a single for Yuna called Live Your Life.

Yuna continued her rounds in the United States by opening for British soul musician Michael Kiwanuka and R&B soul singer-songwriter Allen Stone.

Most recently, Yuna can be heard on Dreamworks’ The Croods where she was featured in Shine Your Way with Owl City. She even made a stop at The Tonight Show With Jay Leno for a performance of the song. This is not Yuna’s first time on an American movie soundtrack. Previously, she had recorded a cover of The Beatles’ Here Comes The Sun for Oliver Stone’s Savages.

On the local front, Yuna’s longtime collaborator AG Coco revealed that her new Malay song is also ready for release.

“The song is done. We’re waiting for the right time to release it. The song is called LELAKIDOTDOTDOT. It is a step forward from Terukir Di Bintang, but still maintains a classic Malay sound. This track encapsulates the best of Yuna’s music and the string arrangements are more grand and huge.”

As for Yuna’s crowd-pulling pedigree, Adrian Yap, the founder of the Urbanscapes Festival here, said her ongoing success is credited to the efforts of her management team. Last year’s Urbanscapes festival saw Yuna returning home and headlining the first night of the festival.

“I believe it’s a combination of talent, hardwork and good management. They obviously have her best interest in mind and it’s important to have a great team that will keep supporting you as you go along in your career. Plus she’s always reaching out to her fans and that I believe, also contributes to her strong fan base,” said Yap.