Riding the tide


She’s a star name in Japan but J-pop singer May’n is aiming to make new fans in KL this Sunday.

JAPANESE pop sensation May’n is set to storm Kuala Lumpur this weekend. After successfully staging back-to-back sell-out concerts in her home country towards the end of last year, the pretty pop star is embarking on her first world tour titled BIG WAAAAAVE!! Asia Tour.

Main event:May’n has sether sights onconqueringthe world withher music.

“The name (of the tour) basically says it all. I want my fans and just about everyone to create a big wave! In Japan, I have also made a BIG WAAAAAVE!! I’m looking forward to Asia’s wave this time!” said the J-pop songstress in a recent email interview.

Having a sizeable following in the region, she decided to kick off her concert tour in Malaysia. Following that, May’n will next play in Hong Kong on March 19 and Taipei on March 21.

This is her first appearance in Malaysia and May’n promises to deliver the latest hits from her J-pop releases.

Born May Nakabayashi in Nagoya, May’n began her entertainment career when she came out tops in a prominent national singing competition (Horipro – Talent Scout Caravan – Love Music – Audition) at age 13.

“My ambition was always to be a singer. Since I was three years old, I have participated in singing contests!”

May’n also declared that she truly loves singing and has not considered any other vocation. “Since I really like music, I can’t think of what I will be other than being what I am now, a singer. If I was not a singer, I would have done my best until I became one!”

In January 2008, she changed her stage name to May’n, implying her wish to become a “main” artiste in the music world. The petite songstress has staged sell-out concerts in South Korea and Guangzhou, China.

Her very first live performance outside of Japan was in Singapore at Anime Festival Asia in 2008.

Her largest concert held at the Nippon Budokan, Japan, in January this year saw a turnout of over 9,000 fans.

The 20-year-old singer, who likes singers like Janet Jackson and Japanese pop diva Namie Amuro, revealed the latter was the one who inspired her to become a singer. She has one studio album, two EPs, seven singles, and three digital singles under her belt.

Best known as the singing voice for Sheryl Nome the Galactic Fairy from the hit anime series Macross Frontier, May’n said the anime character is her current favourite. “I share the same feelings and I respect her strength and her pride towards music.

“When I was a child, I liked Ashita No Nadja, Full Moon Wo Sagashite, Hime-chan No Ribbon and a lot more. Although they are tragic stories, I like them as they have cute-looking characters!”

So, which was the first anime she ever watched? “Sailor Moon! The music was very good!”

The sweet lass may be best known as an anime singer, yet she has never tried cosplaying (dressing up as an anime or a manga character).

“After my trip to Singapore, I found out that the cosplay phenomenon is very popular overseas, too. I must say everyone looks like the real character!”

May’n continued: “I haven’t tried cosplaying before, but if I were to, I would really want to try cosplaying as Sheryl ... but I’m not glamorous enough!”

If she were to be an anime character, what would she be then?

“This is a very hard question. People often say that I look like a baby monster. Have you ever heard of Ganko-chan? I think I would like to be that sort of character.”

May’n is now focusing on preparations for her show in Kuala Lumpur, the first stop of her first Asian tour.

“I’m doing my best rehearsing. It’s a lot of work but the show will be good. We are preparing a special stage only for the Asia tour. There will be a lot of dancing as I want to dance with everyone.”

She noted her KL show will feature a different stage from the one at her BIG WAAAAAVE!! concert in Nippon Budokan.

“As this is the first time for Malaysia, everything on stage will be new and definitely exciting.”

Does she have any pre-performance rituals that she has to do before going on stage?

“Normally I will do some stretches! I will stretch as much as I can backstage as it relieves some of my tension and also improves the tone of my voice.”

After her inaugural Asia tour, May’n will be doing another tour in Japan this summer.

May’n’s BIG WAAAAAVE!! Asia Tour 2010 will be staged at KL Live, Jalan Sultan Ismail in Kuala Lumpur this Sunday at 8pm. The show is organized by SOZO. Concert tickets are selling at RM198 (pre-sale) and RM218 (at the door). The show is a free-standing event. Tickets are available at Sogo Shopping Mall, KL Live (concert venue), and all Anime Tech outlets in Klang Valley and Ipoh. Browse mayn.asia.