Who will be the last man standing in 'Anak Jantan'?

Man to man: Farid Kamil and Bront Palarae square off in new action thriller, Anak Jantan.

Man to man: Farid Kamil and Bront Palarae square off in new action thriller, Anak Jantan.

The fight is on between Farid Kamil and Bront Palarae in new action thriller.

ON screen, it would seem that two of the biggest names in the local entertainment scene just can’t seem to get along. Farid Kamil typically plays the hero who gets the girl, while Bront Palarae is the raging counterpart who stands in his way.

Well that was the case when the two were on-screen together in the Lagenda Budak Setan saga. Now they are seen together again in Anak Jantan, an action thriller helmed by Faizul A. Rashid.

In the film, Farid stars as Darin, a security guard who lives a simple life with his wife Nara (Nora Danish) and child. All that changes with the sudden appearance of Somchai (Bront) and his henchmen (played by Qi Razali and newcomer Pablo Amirul).

Through a series of flashbacks, viewers learn of Darin’s murderous past and why it has come back to haunt him. Later, Darin finds himself in dangerous cat and mouse game with Somchai when he kidnaps his son.

Farid Kamil and Bront Palarae in a fight scene.

In real life however, 36-year-old Bront feels nothing but admiration for Farid.

“I think we grow old together, on screen. I know him from my school days as we’re actually from the same neighbourhood back in Alor Setar, Kedah. The thing that enticed me to this project was the opportunity to work with Farid again,” said Bront at the film’s premiere in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, recently.

Not surprisingly, 33-year-old Farid Kamil feels the same way about his longtime friend. Back in 2006, the two starred in their first film together in Anak Halal.

Farid said: “It’s such an honour to be able to act with Bront. I know where my character is going and with Bront, you get a co-star who makes you feel really committed to your craft.”

Looking back at the work he has done for Anak Jantan, Farid said he was really proud of nailing most of the film’s gruelling action sequences. It was reported that Farid broke a rib during the filming of Anak Jantan back in 2012.

However, he didn’t want to make a big deal out of the injury at that time as he was about to get married to actress Diana Danielle. Nonetheless, the outcome of it is, he is cutting down on tough action scenes.

Besides the chance of working with Farid again, Bront said he’s intrigued by his character’s commitment to a morally ambiguous struggle.

“On script, he’s a guy involved with a terrorist movement. We based his struggle on the Southern Thai conflict. The more I read about the conflict, the more I had a different take on my character. When we got to the set, we try not to play up the issue so much but it’s always on my mind that these things are happening in real life ...”

He added that Somchai represents the dark side of mankind.

“There’s temptation and envy that led him to commit a despicable act.”

When it came to deciding who would win in a fist fight should it happen in real life, Bront tipped his hat off to Farid.

“He’s fitter than I am! Plus, he’s into horse riding now and I’d rather watch TV. So I believe he has the strength (to beat me).”

When the same question was posed to Farid, the good-looking actor said he wouldn’t fight his friend. But if it’s a two-line pantun (poem) contest, then the winner would be “Bront Palarae lah.

“He won’t just do rhymes in Bahasa Malaysia, but he can do it in Thai, English and even in the Kelantanese dialect as well. So if we have a duel in poetry, he’d win!”

Anak Jantan opens in cinemas nationwide today.

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