Local film 'Maindhan' opens in Malaysia tomorrow

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  • Friday, 8 Aug 2014

Astro Shaw is the movie's producer.

Local film Maindhan is set to open in Malaysian cinemas tomorrow. It is produced by Astro Shaw, which also did the highly successful Malaysian movie Appalam. 

Playing the hero is popular actor C. Kumaresan, who played a policeman in famous Bahasa Malaysia TV series Gerak Khas. He is also the director of Maindhan.

Kumaresan plays the lead character Dev, a drifter who turns into an alcoholic after losing his lover. Dev’s life changes after meeting a witty, orphaned boy named Arun, with whom he develops a deep friendship while going up against a human trafficking syndicate.

Later, while stealing a car for a getaway, Dev accidentally kidnaps its owner, Gayatri, which sets off a chain of events that has the couple at loggerheads at first, but eventually falling in love.

Besides Kumaresan, the cast also includes popular radio announcer Geetha, and local entertainer Shaila Nair. The movie’s soundtrack was launched in Tamil Nadu, India recently.