These Disney villains are so bad, they're great!

Captain Hook from "Peter Pan"

Captain Hook from "Peter Pan"

When it comes to Disney’s animated movies, one thing can’t be denied: as lovable as the heroes are, it is the villains that steal the stage – some with swagger, some with humour, and some with just plain evil.

Maleficent, currently playing in the cinemas, tells us the story behind Sleeping Beauty’s self-styled Mistress Of All Evil, but the Disney archives are absolutely stuffed with baddies with backstories just waiting to be told (while various Disney TV specials or straight-to-DVD releases have been done on them, Maleficent is the first full-length movie to do so).

Here are five Disney villains we think also deserve a movie of their own.

Captain Hook (Peter Pan)

Who was Captain James Hook before his buccaneering days? And what kind of adventures did he have in Neverland with the Jolly Roger crew before he lost his hand to a hungry croc? With the Pirates Of The Caribbean series fast losing water, the time seems ripe for a pirate adventure of a different kind. 

And can you just imagine the battle in the high seas with a giant crocodile? Sign us up, matey!

Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmatians)

With our current penchant for dark, disturbing movies that delve into a psychotic individual’s head, what could be more fascinating than a journey into the mind of a selfish, cruel, fur-lover who would gleefully murder cute puppies for the sake of fashion?

Hades from

Hades (Hercules)

This pun-loving, outburst-prone villain may be no match for Hercules, but as Lord of the Underworld, there is just so much potential for mythology-based storylines that still keep to the Disney spirit. 

Enough movies have been set on Olympus, it’s time for Hades to have his day; with the right actor, even the blue flaming hair could work!

Ursula (The Little Mermaid)

As the story goes, Ursula used to live in King Triton’s palace. So what havoc did our favourite tentacled sea-witch wreak that led to her banishment? The power-play between Triton and Ursula, which would hopefully culminate in one unforgettably epic underwater battle. 

Gaston (Beauty And The Beast)

Cruel, conceited and chauvinistic, Gaston is the ultimate macho parody. Which is why a story about a young puffed up Gaston and his homies, tramping about their little French village, would make a hilarious, raunchy, bromance comedy (with Seth McFarlane directing, perhaps?). 

Can you just imagine a drunken, R-rated version of the Gaston song?

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