Fan Bingbing excited to be part of the X-Men movies

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  • Thursday, 22 May 2014

Fan Bingbing's character, Blink, is the first Asian mutant in the X-Men universe. –Reuters

Fan Bingbing's character, Blink, is the first Asian mutant in the X-Men universe. –Reuters

Already well-known in China, her fame and fortune are set to rise with X-Men.

Fan Bingbing has topped the Forbes China Celebrity 100 list this year, after ranking in the top 10 every year since 2006.

The actress – a graduate of Shanghai Xie Jin Film and Television Art College – is a spokeswoman for a number of beauty products, a fashion icon and has her own production house. Despite her top-notch status, the 32-year-old beauty is a genial person.

When The Star met this Chinese actress, she was wearing a white popsicle-print sweater, a diamond-studded watch, dangling pearl earrings and rings with colourful stones on both her index fingers. Considering how much she makes a year, it would be foolish to consider she was just wearing costume jewellery, right?

Her fame and fortune is about to rise even higher with her participation as Blink in X-Men: Days Of Future Past.

Blink is a mutant with the powers to open and close portals at will, which confuses enemies thus allowing her to gain the upperhand in a fight against them.

“I am contracted to appear in the next four X-Men films and it’s going to be really amazing,” she said through her translator. “In 14 years since the X-Men films started, this is the first time an Asian mutant is in the film. So, it’s going to be really interesting.”

It took just a 20-minute meeting with director Bryan Singer to convince Fan to sign on.

“In the comics, Blink is a Caucasian girl, so I was curious why Bryan wanted an Asian to play the role. He said that it’s time for Blink to make an appearance and, for her debut she has to be simply marvellous. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse.”

While she admires Blink’s powers, Fan shared that the superpower she would like to have is the ability to read minds.

It’s clear what’s on Fan’s mind: her duty as an ambassador. When asked for her secret to beautiful skin, Fan promptly replied: “L’Oreal!”

She laughed sweetly before explaining: “Sorry, but I am the spokesperson for L’Oreal.

“Drink a lot of water. Put on a face mask, every day and every night. Don’t be lazy.”

Having never been in a production like X-Men which uses loads of green screen during filming, Fan found it all a bit challenging. “It was really hard to visualise the portals and Blink just keeps creating a new one every second.

“The director told me to look at the lights because that represent the portals, and I remember this one big scene where I have to create so many different portals, it was crazy. Thankfully, when I watched the movie at the New York premiere, there were all these beautiful purple portals that made it all look real.” – Mumtaj Begum

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