Fuying & Sam: Stepping into the world of film

Film break: Malaysian pop duo Fuying & Sam aka Ong Fu Ying, 21 (left) and Sam Chin Neng, 24 are now pursuing acting. — ART CHEN/The Star

Film break: Malaysian pop duo Fuying & Sam aka Ong Fu Ying, 21 (left) and Sam Chin Neng, 24 are now pursuing acting. — ART CHEN/The Star

The future looks bright for local heart throbs Fuying & Sam, who have landed their first ever leading roles in a feature film.

From making music to making movies, local pop duo Fuying & Sam are on a roll.

After topping local Chinese radio charts with their second hit song Detachment (Fen Kai Yi Hou) last year, the fresh-faced duo of Ong Fu Ying, 21 and Sam Chin Neng, 24, then went on to win the Best New Artiste Award last year at the 2013 AIM Chinese Music Award, 2013 Neway Music Awards and MY Astro Music Awards 2013.

The charming pop duo released Love & Dream in December last year, a mini-album that comprises of five upbeat melodies that they say are meant to encourage listeners to believe in themselves and pursue their own dreams.

Taking their own advice to heart, the duo have also pursued their own showbiz dreams to the next level.

Having had their first taste of the movie business through contributing to the Kepong Gangster (2012) soundtrack and whetting their appetite with cameos lunar new year flick Ah Beng: Mission Impossible (2014), the dashing duo are set to star in local Chinese movie The Dream Boyz. The movie commenced principal photography end February and is set to film in Klang Valley and Penang. The young cast includes local artistes such Teddy Chin, Alvin Chong, Rayz Lim, Eric Lin and Joe Chang.

The coming-of-age movie revolves around the colourful adventures of a bunch of playful students who are members of the school’s drama club.

The inspirational story sees how the tight-knit group of 18-year-olds work to keep their friendship afloat amidst the challenges they face as they try to complete their first film together before graduation day.

In the movie, Fuying plays the wealthy Liu Mei Zheng while Sam portrays the stammering Lee Da Xiong.

The former is an academically-inclined boy who doesn’t dare defy his domineering mother, while the latter is a shy fellow whose family operates a curry noodle business. As the tale progresses, Lee takes on the responsibility of preparing the film’s script while Liu overcomes his speech impediment and lack of confidence to become a sought-after stage presenter.

“The rich boy character Mei Zheng is someone who excels in his studies and is basically a good kid who toes the line,” said Subang native Fuying, describing his movie character as a boy who gradually grows into an individual who dares to dream.

“Da Xiong is nicknamed Curry due to his family’s food business. And he has a speech impediment that affects his social life,” shared Sam, who psyched himself into portraying a young man who eventually builds up his self-confidence to achieve something he thought to be beyond himself.

“I’m still quite new at acting and needed more time to get the hang of it. Sam, on the other hand, has had more experience in front of the camera, said Fuying, whose first movie role was in comic book-inspired movie Gemeilia in 2013.

“Although we learnt a lot in artiste training class, it was nothing like the real experience on the set,” continued Ipoh-born Sam, whose acting experience includes local Chinese tv sitcom After Class (2012) and several local short films.

When asked whether there were action scenes, the boys revealed that there is one, set on a beach.

“The director told us about the beach scene earlier and requested that we prepare for it by working out. So, we are now going to the gym more often now and doing a lot of cardio. We prefer the outdoors, but it is safer and more convenient to workout indoors these days.”

“We enjoy meeting new people and experiencing new things. We never imagined doing interviews with English and Malay media, because we always thought we would be appealing to the Chinese market only,” quipped Fuying, who loves watching Japanese anime.

“Like what he mentioned earlier, if we had a nine-to-five job, we would never have had the opportunity to try out so many things. It’s a good chance for us to pick up new skills,” shared Sam, who had to learn how to make curry noodles for his role.

A joint project of SKT Media & Entertainment Group and RAM Entertainment, The Dream Boyz is conceptualised by acclaimed director/screenwriter Ryon Lee who has scripted top-grossing films like Chiu Keng Guan’s trilogy (The Journey, Great Day and Woohoo), as well as Namewee’s debut film Nasi Lemak 2.0 (2011), for which Lee bagged the Best Screenwriter Award at Malaysia’s inaugural Golden Wau Awards.

The Dream Boyz is scheduled for a year-end release.