Eddie Pak back with Dimensi Cinta

Local director Eddie Pak is back to hog the limelight in Dimensi Cinta.

"I haven’t run away from the film industry,” director Eddie Pak assured. “I’m still around.”

It has been eight years since local audiences have heard about the talented filmmaker. He is now back with a new movie entitled Dimensi Cinta.

Raja Norasmah Lelaof Harian Inovatif.

“In fact, I was busy doing other things such as directing dramas and documentaries. I have been involved in post-production work for TV commercials as well,” said Pak, whose Muslim name is Mohd Aliff Najmi.

“Without my realising it, eight years passed since my last movie! It is about time I get active in directing movies again.”

Pak added that he had been planning to make a comeback about two years ago but was busy filming documentaries then.

His latest documentary Dance, the Lion was selected to compete in the Cannes Film Festival in 2007. It focuses on Malaysian lion dancers, their international success and how the “lion dance on poles” came about.

He also directed a short movie, Burger Boy, and much to his delight, it was screened at the Cannes Film Festival last May.

His other notable documentaries are Ancient Ink, The Black Veil and A Peranakan Wedding, which were filmed in various locations, including Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Singapore.

“Sometime last year, a friend introduced me to Raja Norasmah Lela of Harian Inovatif Sdn Bhd, who was looking for a movie director for her first feature project (Dimensi Cinta).

“After meeting her, I liked her story idea. It is about a woman who struggles for 20 years of her life, how she is abused mentally and how she makes a new start.

“I felt I would be on the losing end if I didn’t take up the offer and I’m thankful to Raja Lela for trusting me with her first film,” said the 34-year-old director whose directing credits include Kumpulan O (1985), Operasi Cegah Jenayah (1989), Red Haired Tumbler in Malaya (1993), Litar Kasih (1997) and Syukur 21 (2000). Pak was also active in directing drama series such as Skuad Elit, Di Antara Logik and the 300-episode Tin Gei Bin.

“We are still in the midst of finding the right actress for the role of Raja Sophie, the leading character in Dimensi Cinta. “We have to be very careful in getting the right actress as she has to have a dynamic personality, someone with an inner strength and at the same time, she has to be able to carry a corporate image as well.

“I honestly believe the story will make an impact on local audiences as it has elements of struggle, hurt and disappointment that almost everyone can relate to,” said Pak, add­ing that he and the producer are selecting the cast for Dimensi Cinta.

After a long hiatus, director Eddie Pak is back with a new movie entitled Dimensi Cinta,which is scheduled to start filming in February.

Pak also revealed that they plan to showcase the batik industry in the movie.

“We are in the midst of selecting a young and talented local designer to help us with the idea on how to transform batik into a world brand as part of the storyline in Dimensi Cinta,” he said.

Filming for the movie will take place in Terengganu and Kuala Lumpur. Thus far, the cast list boasts names such as Hairie Othman, Eman Manan, Awie, Mustapha Kamal, Catriona Ross, Abby Abadi, Rozita Che Wan, Linda Hashim, Sari Yanti, Fahrin Ahmad and Vanidah Imran.

The movie, budgeted at RM1.8mil, is sche­duled for filming in early February.

With Dimensi Cinta, Raja Norasmah Lela or Raja Lela (as she prefers to be known in the industry) will fulfil her dream of producing a feature film for the big screen.

With vast experience in the banking sector and as chairman of Harian Inovatif (with gas and oil as its core business), her film industry involvement has been a surprise to many.

“Movie making has always been a passion. I had been thinking about it for the past two years but it seemed that nobody would take me seriously ... until now,” she said with a laugh.

“I love Raja Sophie’s story and we had a few names in mind for a director when we first toyed with the idea of producing the movie. We picked Eddie and we get along so well,” said Raja Lela, brushing aside suggestions that Raja Sophie’s cha­­racter was based on her life.

“It is a true story and hopefully Eddie will deliver his best.”