No more goody two shoes

CALL it kiss and tell. Said Taiwanese singer-actress Rainie Yang of kissing her co-star Isabella Leong in the movie Spider Lilies: “It didn’t feel disgusting to kiss her face.” 

“She was very clean, nice-smelling and her skin was very soft, unlike men who usually have face stubble.”  

Yang, 22, was in Singapore at the end of last month to promote the Zero Chou film, which is about the relationship between two women.  

Well-known for her girly image and saccharine charm, Yang shocked fans when she signed up to play Jade, a “web cam girl” who frolics sensually in front of her computer to entertain an Internet audience.  

Rainie Yang says her mother was supportive of her web camgirl role.

Her childhood memories are rekindled when she meets the troubled Takeko, played by upcoming Hong Kong actress Leong, who is a tattoo artist and Jade’s first love.  

Yang, who entered showbiz in 2000 as part of now-defunct girl band 4 In Love, denies that she took up the role to shed her cutesy-pie image.  

“I’m not scared of losing my image. I didn’t give myself a cute image, others did. So they were more worried than me,” she said at a press conference in Singapore during her promotional visit.  

To prepare for the role, she admits she visited web cam girl websites.  

“I posed as a lonely 33-year-old. It’s easy to be fooled by these girls because they come across as being very caring.  

“However, you always need to pay a big fee to watch them,” said Yang, who has released two solo pop albums, My Intuition (2005) and Meeting Love (2006).  

Though her acceptance of the role upset some fans, her mother did not seem to mind much.  

“She bought a ticket and went to watch it. I didn’t want her to do it initially because I felt embarrassed,” said the artiste whose stock rose after acting in the teen-idol television series Devil Beside You in 2005.  

“But she was very supportive and said I acted very well. However, she did ask me why I wore such skimpy clothes!” 

Spider Lilies director Chou praised Yang’s performance: “She did better than I expected and captured the image of a web cam girl well,” she said. 

But don’t expect to see Yang starring in a slew of raunchy movies any time soon.  

“While others may want to star in a sexy role to make people think that they’re sexy, it wasn’t the case with me. I just wanted to do my best,” she said. – The Straits Times/Asia News Network 


  • ‘Spider Lilies’ will open in cinemas in Singapore on Thursday.