‘Gol & Gincu’ picked for film fests

PETALING JAYA: Shock. That was the initial reaction when Lina Tan, producer of teen flick Gol & Gincu heard that it had scored a double to represent the country at two regional film festivals.  

The film, which blends futsal and relationships, will be the opening film for the Malaysian Film Fest in Singapore on Thursday and has been selected for the Tokyo International Film Fest next month. 

“I was very, very happy and shocked. The cast and crew were elated. We were quite surprised because it is not an art-house film but it was chosen (nevertheless),” Tan said yesterday. 

“Marina even sent out a mass SMS to tell people about it. She was excited.”  

Tan:'We were quite surprisedd because it is not an art-house film but it was chosen'

Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir is co-executive producer and Bernard Chauly directed the film. It stars Nur Fazura, Ashraf Sinclair, Rafidah Abdullah and Sazzy Falak. 

The storyline is about fashion conscious and trendsetter Putri (Nur Fazura) who takes up futsal to win back her boyfriend Eddy (Ashraf). She is crushed when she finds out Eddy is going out with Sasha (Sazzy), captain of a futsal team.  

However, the story also subtly explores serious issues such as violence against women, incest, single motherhood and stereotypical gender issues.  

“The screening in Singapore will be a closed event and the president will be attending it. We almost did not make it for Tokyo because I forgot the closing date. But then, the programmer called and said he liked it a lot because it was interesting and refreshing,” said Tan. 

She said that one pull factor for the movie was that it portrayed women in a different light and was not stereotypical. 

“G&G is also a high point for me as a producer because this is my first mainstream movie. It is a movie, which brought in a new audience that normally do not watch local movies.  

“And we are still getting faxes from people about it. We want to bring back people to watch local films.” 

A DVD version of the Gol & Gincu will be released next week.  

“The pirated VCD is already out,” she quipped.