Spoiler alert: Who was the ultimate winner of the Game of Thrones?

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  • Monday, 20 May 2019

Tyrion highly discourages you read this article if you've not watch the Game Of Thrones finale.


Do not read this if you have not watched the final episode of Game Of Thrones.

No, really, this has A LOT OF SPOILERS. If you don't want that, maybe you can go read about Kit Harington talking about his sex scenes with Emilia Clarke?

Last chance to close this page. Article begins after the image. How about reading about Maisie Williams talking about HER sex scene instead?

Tyrion highly discourages you read this article if you've not watch the Game Of Thrones finale.
Tyrion highly recommends  you DO NOT read this article if you've not watch the Game Of Thrones finale.

Still here? Ok.

So, we finally know who won the Game Of Thrones.

After a patchy final season of great wars and major deaths, this was a finale worthy of the series. With all the big fight scenes done and dusted, the only thing left to settle was who would sit on the Iron Throne.

Well, in the end, no one got to sit on the Iron Throne because there was no Iron Throne left to sit on.

After Daenerys' fiery destruction of King's Landing in the penultimate episode, it seems as though Westeros would be ruled by a Mad Queen. That is until Tyrion manages to convince Jon Snow to do the right thing and end her life. After the deed is done, Drogon shows up and in its grief, burns and melts down the Iron Throne with dragon fire.

So, with Dani dead, and Jon Snow now a Queenslayer, who is left to win the Game of Thrones?

As it turns out, it was House Stark.

Later, at a council of the most powerful people in the realm, the question of who should rule was raised. Ah, don't you love the smell of Westerosi politicking in the morning?

At first, Edmure Tully tried to argue his case for the throne only to be told to SIT DOWN by his niece, Sansa Stark (what a moment that was). Then Sam tries to make a case of democracy, but is laughed off. Poor guy.

In the end, it was Tyrion who proposes Bran 'The Broken" Stark as the new King, and a future system where the new kings or queens are chosen by the lords instead of by birthright. And everyone says "AYE"!

And the first thing the new king does is to name Tyrion as his Hand, as it should be.

All hail Bran the Broken, First Of His Name, Lord of the Six Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm!

Wait, SIX realms?

Yup, Sansa insists on the North remaining independent, which means House Stark now control both the Six Realms, AND The North. How's THAT for absolute power, eh?

Oh, and Arya decides to go on a road trip to 'West of Westeros' (Spin-off series, anyone?), while Jon Snow is sent back to The Night's Watch (what do they have to watch out for now, I wonder), where he is apparently made Lord Commander again (and pets Ghost, finally!).

So, after a series that has seen Eddard Stark's family taken apart, lose its heads (in more ways than one), and the surviving Stark siblings Sansa, Bran, Arya and Jon Snow put through the wringer, House Stark emerged as the ultimate winners of the Game Of Thrones (with Tyrion Lannister coming out a distant second).

Ned Stark would be proud.


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