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  • Monday, 23 May 2016

X-23, a female clone of Wolverine with claws on her FEET as well.

X-Men: Apocalypse is currently in cinemas, and there are a whole lot of mutants in it – the old ones like Professor X, Magneto, Beast, Havok and Mystique; new versions of old ones like Storm, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Nightcrawler and Angel; and new ones like big bad blue Apocalypse, and Psylocke.

The appearance of Olivia Munn’s Psylocke in the movie is especially pleasing, since she’s such a hugely popular character in the X-Men comics. It’s just surprising that it took so long for the producers to actually make her part of the main cast (she did have a small cameo in X-Men: The Last Stand, but we’re refusing to acknowledge the existence of that movie), even though the end product did turn out to be a little disappointing. Still, it was worth it just to see her slash that car in half with her katana and psychic sword.

Anyway, the X-Men universe is chock-full of mutants who are just waiting to be introduced into the movie universe. From major villains like Mister Sinister and Omega Red, to X-Men like Longshot, Fantomex, Dazzler and, er, Glob, these are all characters who are iconic, both visually and historically, and pivotal to the X-Men canon.

Even Namor the Sub-Mariner is a mutant as well, though the film rights to the Atlantean King are tied up in a different studio, so the chance of seeing him in an X-movie is pretty much nil.

Anyway, here are six mutants we hope would get their chance in future X-Men movies, chosen based on how cool we think it would be to see them on the silver screen.

Even if we cant get Magik in the movies, can we at least have the Soulsword?
Even if we cant get Magik in the movies, can we at least have the Soulsword?


Who she is: Ilyana Rasputin, the younger sister of Piotr Rasputin a.k.a. Colossus. She has the power to teleport vast distances, even to intergalactic destinations, by using “stepping discs” that connect to the demonic dimension called Limbo. She’s also a skilled magician, and wields a powerful sword called the Soulsword.

Why the X-movies need her: Magik may have started out as a supporting character, but she’s grown into one of the X-Men’s leaders of late, even taking charge of training some of the younger mutants. The reset X-movie universe doesn’t have many strong women currently – Jean Grey and Storm might come into their own after X-Men: Apocalypse – but Mystique has been holding the fort for female mutants for the past three movies. Adding a fully-formed Magik into the mix could balance things out a lot more.

Chances of it happening: Colossus is already in the movies, so it wouldn’t be too far-fetched for his sister to appear as well. She’s one of the more visually striking characters (check out that huge sword!), and her teleporting powers would certainly come in handy. With her magic-based powers, however, it might be a little hard to fit her in an otherwise pretty grounded setting (though the new movie does shift the goalposts somewhat).

Quentin Quire, aka Kid Omega

Who: Pink-haired Omega-level telepath and all-round rebel and delinquent.

Why: Yes, there are already two other Omega-level psychics running around the X-movies (Jean Grey and Professor X), but neither of them has a psychic shotgun. What’s that? Well, it’s like Psylocke’s psychic knife, only it’s a shotgun that fires psychic bullets. How cool is that? Also, Quire’s rebellious bad boy attitude would be a great foil to Wolverine (just like in the Wolverine & The X-Men comics) and would add a bit of attitude to the otherwise goody-goody nature of the current crop of X-students.

Chances: While it’s easy to just throw in a student with pink hair into the generic masses of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters and call it a cameo, we would love to see Quire have a much bigger role in the main plot. After all, this is a guy who, in the comics, actually becomes imbued with the Phoenix Force as well. Some competition for Jean Grey, maybe?

Quentin Quire (and his psychic shotgun) would be a perfect foil to Wolverine.
Quentin Quire (and his psychic shotgun) would be a perfect foil to Wolverine.


Who: Teenage female clone of Wolverine. Comes complete with berserker rage, healing factor and claws on her hands AND feet.

Why: With Hugh Jackman reportedly hanging up his claws after the next Wolverine solo flick, this could be a good time to introduce X-23 instead of recasting the Wolverine role. After all, in the comics, X-23 recently took over the mantle of Wolverine in All-New Wolverine, and has been doing a bang-up job of snikt!-ing her way through trouble so far.

Chances: There have already been rumours of a female Wolverine being introduced in the movies, so the chances of this actually happening are pretty good. Cast the role right (we’re hoping Summer Glau gets a shot) and we may not even miss Jackman when he’s gone. OK, maybe just a little bit.

Even the Deadpool movie did better than Supermans movie...
Even the Deadpool movie did better than Supermans movie...


Who: The Merc With a Mouth, The Regenerating Degenerate, the World’s biggest chimichanga fan ... Come on, you saw the movie. You know who he is.

Why: OK, fine, he’s not exactly a mutant, but seriously, you saw the movie, right? Do we really need to explain why he would be great in the X-movies?

Chances: Hey, Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead already appeared in his movie, IN THEIR X-MEN UNIFORMS, so it’s been established that they exist in the same universe, and therefore, there’s a good chance of this happening. Whether the Merc With a Mouth should tone down his R-rated awesomeness to appear in an X-Men movie is another matter.

Maybe he should just show up in the upcoming Wolverine movie instead (which is said to be rated R as well).

Cable hanging from a cable. hur hur.
Cable hanging from a cable. hur hur.


Who: Nathan Summers, Scott Summers’ (Cyclops) future son, sired with Jean Grey clone Madeline Pryor through a scheme cooked up by Mr Sinister, who thought he could create and control the world’s most powerful mutant. He is not only a very powerful telepath, but also an Omega-level telekinetic. Having been infected with the Techno-Organic Virus, he has to keep his powers in check and consciously keep the virus from consuming the rest of his organic body.

Why: He’s one of the most powerful mutants in existence, his parents are established X-movie characters, and he would certainly be able to provide a great tie-in to Mr Sinister, should the supervillain make an appearance in the future movies.

Chances of it happening? Cable’s origin story could take up an entire movie on its own, so we’re not sure he would be a good fit for the X-movies, especially so soon after the time-travelling paradoxes of X-Men: Days Of Future Past. Still, he has already been mooted for the Deadpool sequel, so maybe that should be enough.

Goldballs to the rescue Er, OK.
Goldballs to the rescue Er, OK.


Who: Fabio Medina was one of the young mutants that Cyclops took under his wing to train as future X-Men. His superpower? He shoots gold balls out of his body. No one knows how this is possible, or what the balls are made of (presumably not actual gold), but that’s not the point. HE’S A GUY WHO SHOOTS GOLD BALLS OUT OF HIS BODY.

Why: Fine, we could probably do without him in the movie, but come on, he’s a guy whose super power is SHOOTING GOLD BALLS OUT OF HIS BODY. And in the comics, it’s hilarious every time that happens. Heck, I’d love to have him in the movies just to hear that POINK POINK POINK sound the balls make when they come out of his body. OK, that sounds totally wrong, but you get the picture.

Chances: Sadly, pretty much nil. He might get a cameo as one of Xavier’s students, but that’s about it. That’s just too bad; imagine how POINK POINK POINK would sound in Dolby Atmos ...

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