Reunion of Taiwanese veteran actors in Genting

  • Friday, 25 Feb 2005

Friday February 25, 2005

Reunion of Taiwanese veteran actors in Genting


The Timeless Classics press conference was quickly turning into a hilarious reunion session. Veteran artistes Wu Jin, Chin Xiang Lin and Yue Hua started out by giving reporters a brief update about themselves (fearing that those present were too young to remember who they were) when talk veered to their acting days. 

They began teasing each other about their acting achievements. Chin feigned annoyance that he never achieved much success in his wuxia (martial arts) films the way Yue did. Yue joked that it was because Chin was too good-looking and thus better suited as a romantic interest. 

Veteran Taiwanese artistes Chin Xiang Lin and Yue Hue (below, right) will be performing with another old friend, Wu Jin, at Genting Highlands today and tomorrow.

Watching their easy banter left no one in doubt of their close camaraderie, one that has lasted for 20 years. Though they live in different countries - Wu resides in Taiwan, Chin lives in Los Angeles, and Yue in Vancouver, Canada – they remain in constant contact via e-mail.  

The trio are in Kuala Lumpur for the Timeless Classics Live in Genting concert tonight and tomorrow. Ling Po, who will also be performing, was not present at the press conference on Wednesday as she was in Taiwan attending the premiere of Hainan Chicken Rice, a movie directed by her son Kenneth Bi.  

Yue, who was famed for his wuxia films in the early 1970s, last visited Kuala Lumpur 20 years ago.  

He revealed that the idea of doing the concert came about after meeting Ling and Wu during their The Love Eterne stage performance in Vancouver last year. Timeless Classics will be the first time these long-time friends are getting together to perform. 

Chin’s involvement in the show was upon Ling and Wu’s request. 

“It is an honour for me because I am a big fan of Ling’s,” said Chin in Mandarin. 

He described Ling as Taiwan’s national treasure before adding: “And I am forever grateful to Wu for the kindness she showed when I was just a newcomer in the industry.”  

He related how she took the then little known Jackie Chan and him under her wing and looked out for them. 

So can Chin sing? “No,” he admitted with a laugh, “although I initially wanted to become a singer. I attended an audition for a singing class where Yue was one of the judges. After he heard me sing, he advised me to consider an acting career instead as he thought I was good-looking.”  

Yue exclaimed in Mandarin: “And look at the success he has achieved as an actor.”  

Then Chin said: “Yue can definitely sing. And you should see him play the piano. It is mesmerising.” 

Chin will be performing two duets, one of which is Chong Hoi Yat Sing Siew (A Single Laughter in the Sea), composed by the late James Wong. 

“We were all good friends of Wong’s. This is a tribute to him,” said Chin.  

Having left the entertainment industry for nearly two decades, Chin said he has been enjoying a simple family life. He has no intention to return to the silver screen despite Jackie Chan’s invitation. 

“I no longer fit into the the entertainment industry. I prefer to lead a quiet life,” said the dashing 56-year-old.  

Chin was Taiwan’s heartthrob in the 1970s. Together with Chin Han, Brigitte Lin and Joan Lin Feng Jiao – nicknamed “Two Lins, Two Chins” by the Taiwanese media – they were the symbol of 1970s romance movies. 

This two-time Golden Horse Awards winner was once married to Josephine Siao Fong Fong and later engaged to Brigitte Lin.  

He now has two sons and is said to be involved in real estate.  

The 63-year-old Yue, who has a daughter, is actively involved in the Chinese entertainment industry in Canada.  

During his free time, Yue and his wife actress Tien Ni, do voluntary work for charitable organisations Meals on Wheels and Food Bank.  

  • Timeless Classics Live in Genting will be held at the Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands, today and tomorrow at 8pm. For ticket reservations, call % 03-27181118. Tickets are priced at RM120, RM80 and RM40.