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Merkel, Xi agree to work on steel overcapacity within G20

BERLIN: German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Chinese President Xi Jinping discussed overcapacity in world steel markets and agreed on Saturday to work on solutions within the framework of the G20 group of industrialised nations, Merkel's spokesman said.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

E-wallet race heats up

Banks need to explore opportunities for collaboration with tech giants so as not to lose out in marketplace

Early adopter: A man scans a QR code with his smartphone to purchase a drink from a vending machine in Guangzhou. China has been one of the earliest adopters of such a trend using mobile phones fitted with scannable quick-response codes which facilitate such transactions. — Bloomberg

Making sense of Trump’s trade war

Think Asian by Andrew Sheng
HARDLY a week goes by without another tweet storm from Washington DC. “You’re fired” was heard by Secretary of State Rex Wayne Tillerson and national economic adviser Gary Cohn (although strictly speaking, he resigned).

White House agenda: A file picture showing Bannon addressing members of the far right National Front party at the party congress in Lille, France. Bannon still has the best strategic outlook of what Trump’s White House agenda is all about, despite the tactical moves that seem to go over all the place. — AP

How to ignore a phenomenon

Speakeasy by S. Jayasankaran
IT is said that every boy growing up in the United States has it drilled into him that he might, one day, become president.

Uncertainty plagues equity markets

Market trend by Fong MIn Yuan
REVIEW: Stateside news continued to dominate the market news feeds over the past week and kept investors on their toes.