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China expected to expand budget deficit amid trade war risks

BEIJING: China’s policy makers are expected to increase the budget deficit in the coming year, as a slowing economy and the downdraft from the trade war with the U.S. raise the need for a more active fiscal policy.

A Santa rally and stellar 2019: Allianz GI’s Asia stock calls

HONG KONG: A US$4.3 trillion wipeout in Asian equity markets hasn’t stopped the chief investment officer for Asia-Pacific at Allianz Global Investors from making an optimistic call: the region’s shares may rally into December and outperform their US peers in 2019.

Restoring fiscal health, refocusing priorities

Comment - By Lee Heng Guie
WE understand the government has to make choices and trade-offs to manage the medium-term fiscal challenges and limitations. It is indeed a tough and challenging political balancing act for the Finance Minister to craft a responsive budget without impairing growth and worsening the fiscal deficit.