Budget 2018

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Raising purchasing power

But will the new government’s reforms affect Malaysia’s economic fundamentals?

Dass: More spending will boost retail businesses only if the households are confident, a trend we are witnessing.

Listing of Petronas among options to increase revenue

THE government’s liabilities are out in the open. Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng revealed details to substantiate his point of national liabilities and debt have breached not only the RM1 trillion-mark but also reached 80.3% of gross domestic product.

To the rescue: Given the gravity of the situation, one investor says that the listing of Petronas is a surefire way of raising a huge sum of money quickly. — Bloomberg

Demystifying the debt dilemma

Analysts say new government needs to quickly introduce measures to reduce the country’s liabilities

Stocks battered by GE14 tsunami

The unprecedented electoral victory by Pakatan Harapan was unfavourable to many stocks as it was favourable to others.