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A proud moment for Dr Goh.

A proud moment for Dr Goh.

HAVING recently been given special mention as the Female Entrepreneur of the Year in (SOBA) 2017, Doux Visage’s Dr Jenny Goh, (acupuncturist, TCM practitioner) has indeed steered her company to success.

Bringing total wellness by marrying the best of Eastern methodology and Western technology, Doux Visage has grown greatly from its humble start as a small three-bedded beauty saloon offering specialised facial and slimming treatments in rented premises in July 2002.

The first step towards expansion took place in 2007 when the company bought its first shoplot in a strategic location on the main road, which gave it more exposure.

Further expansion took place in 2013 when a second shop lot was bought to cater to a growing clientele. This enabled better organisation, with one side allocated for facial treatments and the other for body treatments. The expansion was fully completed in 2014.

Along with its growth, the company continued to see an increase in clients, including those with complicated conditions who do not want to be on long-term medication or undergo surgery and therefore, opt for the natural treatments offered by Doux Visage.

The non-invasive, holistic treatment plans are specially tailored for individual conditions and encompasses components of both East and West, such as acupuncture and medical grade phytohormones treatments.

When it comes to total body wellness, Dr Goh stresses that it begins with health first, then slimming and beauty.

(From left) Jessica Lin, Terri Lee, Dr Goh’s father Goh See Sin, Dr Goh, her mother Meihui Tan, Erica Chong and Tammy Cheong at SOBA 2018.
(From left) Jessica Lin, Terri Lee, Dr Goh’s father Goh See Sin, Dr Goh, her mother Meihui Tan, Erica Chong and Tammy Cheong.

“The state of your inner health reflects on the outside. Also, if you are healthy, you will see faster and more lasting results from facial or body treatments,” said Dr Goh.

The number of loyal clients who have been with Doux Visage for years is a testament to the efficacy of its treatments and satisfaction with its services.

Many clients have commented that they see fast results, for example those who had bad breakouts saw tremendous improvement within one treatment session.

Meanwhile, new mothers would be pleased with the postnatal recovery treatments offered.

The specially tailored treatment plan combines traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) with Western phytohormones to help postnatal women regain their health, strength and vitality to aid in faster recovery.

The treatments also help new mothers regain their prenatal figure naturally and help stimulate milk supply as well as condition the body and keep it strong for future pregnancies.

Dr Goh says: “We also have clients planning to undergo IVF treatment who undergo our TCM and phytohormone therapy to condition the body for an increased chance of successful implantation. However, in these cases, I must stress that both partners must undergo treatment.”

Dr Goh believes that inner health is not just for appearance, but is also about general well being. Doux Visage promotes this school of thought – treatments take into account the bigger picture of a person’s general condition and health and not just on a particular problem.

Its assurance is embedded in the company’s tagline, “Your Satisfaction, Our Assurance”.

On a personal level, Dr Goh has transformed from being a beauty advisor to becoming a TCM doctor today and is constantly keeping her knowledge and skills updated.

Currently in her first year of her second PhD, she hopes to enhance existing treatments by incorporating what she has learnt.

Additionally, she also constantly trains her staff to ensure they provide outstanding service.

Immediate future plans include growing her team towards further expansion.

In fact, Dr Goh is currently recruiting those interested in learning about combining TCM and Western technology.

Her ultimate goal is to open a treatment centre that can accommodate clients to stay in for treatment.

On her recent achievement, Dr Goh says, “This special mention is very unexpected but I am very happy and proud of this recognition of Doux Visage, which has been in the industry for 15 years. This is also an honour for me in recognising my 22 years in the industry.”

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