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  • Wednesday, 19 Feb 2014

Interior of a hoarder

A student asked, “What is your age master?”

The master replied, “I am five years old”.

The student was shocked as his master did not tell lies, was an honest person, and he looked about 40 years old. “How can this be master?” he asked.

“The day I started being a loving and wise person is the date of my birth. I started being a loving and wise person five years back and so I am five years old”, the master replied.

What makes a person wise?

Our life is committed to pleasure and power. Is pleasure really joy? To mistake pleasure as equal to joy is one of the greatest errors in living. Pleasure has it place, but to mistake it for joy is foolish.

Pleasure provides a pleasing sensation, but joy is the fullness of the moment. Pleasure does not give us fullness. What we are searching for is fullness which is joy. To have this inner awakening is a part of alert and wise living. A foolish person kills himself to get this or that pleasure — the pleasure of sports, the pleasure of eating, the pleasure of physical intimacy, the pleasure of being better than others — and all this is killing the quality of life.

One has to look into or search inside one’s self and discover one’s core foolishness.

There is core foolishness inside us like a virus. Unless we destroy our foolishness, our life will not be full and complete. The foolishness surrounding money is a kind of madness.

We sell our soul for money. People sell drugs for money. Nations create war to sell weapons for money.

Once this inner foolishness is destroyed, then we experience thankfulness for life, thankfulness for air, water, for parents, nature and so on. Once there is a sense of thankfulness then life will be a journey from moments of joy to moments of joy.

Why are our passion and mind fooling us always?

If one is not alert and only greedy, then this is what happens. Greed can also play a part in hampering our alertness.

One should have passion in life, but passion should serve truth or goodness.

If passion is serving greed and ego, then such a passion is major hindrance. To achieve anything one needs passion, but passion serving what cause?

Whether it is serving ego or goodness is the real question.

Our mind, when not alert, is always creating conflict.

Our mind is always focused on language, our thoughts are also words categorising experience. Does this need to stop?

Can you experience something without trying to categorise it? Then you experience something in its actuality. When it needs to be expressed, then one has to use words.

So to live a wise life is being in touch with an experience and seeing the joy of it without analysing and categorising it to death.

Also, the mind unnecessarily stores experiences and becomes a victim of that mental hoarding. Store what is essential and just drop what is not essential. It is like storing all your old and unwanted clothes, which just leads to a cluttered home.

So too does our mind store unnecessary memories that lead to mental clutter.

A mind that has no space can’t be creative. Learn to create space in your mind.

Then you will feel truely good. Such a mind is not a problem.

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