Bursa: We are looking at a ‘just-right’ level of regulation

Does Bursa think that the way to create a vibrant market is to proportionately scale down the intensity of regulatory discipline?Having a sound and robust regulatory framework is one of the many factors that drive vibrancy in our market. We also note that some areas of the market require more guidance, while other areas are ready for more openness, particularly with improved market conduct and discipline?

With such improvement, there will be a gradual shift of regulatory approach from prescriptive rules requiring strict conformance to more principle-based rules that promote performance.

We are looking to have the kind of regulatory framework that push players forward rather than impede them. It’s about finding a level that is tailored to the requirements and circumstances of the area being governed.

Premised on this, Bursa Malaysia is currently working together with other policymakers and industry players to further drive and support a market-friendly and vibrant capital market through the presence of a facilitative and efficient ecosystem that is conducive for business growth, which can also continuously operate in a fair and orderly manner with strong governance.

Is the new statement sending out signals that market manipulators and riggers will get away with their crimes?

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