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18 Nov 2018 | 4:29 PM

Come clean on RM200,000 allocation for Pakatan lawmakers, urges Johor MCA Youth

PONTIAN: Johor MCA Youth wants the state government to come clean on the RM200,000 allocation given to Pakatan Harapan lawmakers for their constituencies.

17 Nov 2018 | 7:00 AM

Register or close down, private tahfiz schools told

JOHOR BARU: Private tahfiz schools have two years from now to register with the Johor Islamic Religious Department (JAIJ) or risk having to cease their operations.

16 Nov 2018 | 7:00 AM

Azmin: Foreign investors positive on Malaysia

JOHOR BARU: Foreign investors, especially from Japan and Singapore, have expressed their willingness to retain and maintain their foreign direct investments (FDIs) in Malaysia.

“There is a renewed interest among foreign investors in Malaysia and it is a positive development for us,’’ Azmin told reporters.
15 Nov 2018 | 2:39 PM

GIACC to present bill to eliminate Ali Baba-style subcontracting

JOHOR BARU: The Governance, Integrity and Anti-Corruption Centre (GIACC) hopes to present the Anti-Sabotage Economy Bill in Dewan Rakyat in April next year.

14 Nov 2018 | 3:25 PM

Man charged with double murder of cleaner and her friend in Skudai

JOHOR BARU: A 32-year old man has been charged at the magistrate's court here for a double murder which took place at a low-cost flat in Taman Ungku Tun Aminah here on Nov 1.

14 Nov 2018 | 7:00 AM

Minister: Malaysia keen to learn from China and Germany on SMEs debt

JOHOR BARU: Malaysia wants to learn from the success stories of China and Germany in achieving a single-digit figure for non-performing loans (NPLs) of their small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

“We want to adopt and apply the Chinese model in reducing the NPLs for our SMEs which is currently at double digits,’’ Mohd Redzuan told reporters.
13 Nov 2018 | 2:50 PM

Govt targets one million new jobs by 2023, says Entrepreneur Development Minister

JOHOR BARU: The Government hopes to create one million new jobs within the next five years, says Entrepreneur Development Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Redzuan Yusof.

9 Nov 2018 | 7:00 AM

Another 200 markets to open in two years

JOHOR BARU: Plans are in the pipeline to open another 265 new pasar tani (agricultural markets) sites in the country by the year 2020.

9 Nov 2018 | 7:00 AM

Association all for abolishing foreign worker agent service

JOHOR BARU: The Johor Indian Business Association (Jiba) welcomes the move by the government to abolish the service of agents in recruiting foreign workers soon.

8 Nov 2018 | 7:00 AM

Ticketing system gets the thumbs up

JOHOR BARU: The majority of commuters are happy with the centralised ticketing system (CTS) at the Larkin Sentral bus terminal which was introduced in December last year.