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10 May 2018 | 7:00 AM

Opportune time for voters to meet and mingle

POLLING day turned out to be a little gathering of sorts for the residents of Desa Tun Razak PPR in Kuala Lumpur, who were seen chatting away while waiting for their turn to cast their vote.

Neighbours Teresa Anthony Thomas (seated, in blue) and Che Ronah (seated) patiently waiting to cast their votes at SMK Bandar Tasik Selatan.
9 May 2018 | 11:51 AM

BN candidate quietly hopeful in Bandar Tun Razak

KUALA LUMPUR: After casting his vote at 9.30am at SMK Bandar Tasik Selatan here, Barisan Nasional's candidate for the Bandar Tun Razak parliamentary seat Adnan Seman said, "I believe the positive sentiments are here."

Voters lining up to cast their vote at SMK Bandar Tasik Selatan. -Low Lay Phon/The Star
7 May 2018 | 7:00 AM

Young lawyer aims to improve welfare of Bandar Tun Razak folk

Barisan Nasional’s candidate for the Bandar Tun Razak parliamentary seat Adnan Seman, a lawyer, vows to set up a legal aid service centre for the people here if he is elected.

Adnan (right), meeting constituents at the community hall of Sri Labuan public flats.
2 May 2018 | 7:00 AM

Hello, who do you support?

Receiving calls from unknown sources to find out voters‘ preferred election candidates is not necessarily a step in the right direction

28 Apr 2018 | 12:41 PM

Tears flow at Bandar Tun Razak after near rejection

KUALA LUMPUR: Tears were flowing at the Bandar Tun Razak parliamentary seat.

28 Apr 2018 | 10:33 AM

BN man manages to file nomination with support from team

KUALA LUMPUR: Adnan Abu Seman, the Barisan Nasional Bandar Tun Razak candidate, was nearly disqualified when he forgot to bring his candidacy appointment letter.

12 Mar 2018 | 7:00 AM

Women bosses break down barriers

THE perceived barrier put up by women is one that should be tackled now in the push towards greater gender equality.

Dr Sta Maria (right) and the panellists at the EcoWorld Women’s Summit. — S.S. KANESAN/The Star
5 Mar 2018 | 7:00 AM

Taman Antoi folk rise above challenges

THE scenes of 153 houses and 60 vehicles hit by floodwaters that rose to 1.8m in 2012 is still vivid in the minds of residents in Taman Antoi, Kepong, but at least they do not need to live in fear now.

A recent Chinese New Year celebration organised by Taman Antoi Kepong Residents Association.
14 Feb 2018 | 7:00 AM

Reunion dinner away from home

Expatriates keep homesickness at bay by staying connected via social media and cooking family recipes.

Hsu (standing second from left) serving (from left) her friend Tania, her husband Liun Kah Poo, daughter Shaaron and granddaughter Sze Rui with a selection of popular reunion dishes of Taiwan. — Photos: FAIHAN GHANI, AZHAR MAHFOF /The Star
8 Feb 2018 | 7:00 AM

Red packets inspired by furry friends

IF YOU are in the mood for something different this Chinese New Year, or find that you have not been able to get enough free ang pow packets, why not make some yourself?

Toh making ‘origami ang pow’ as Ah Heng the ‘butler’ keeps her company.