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3 Aug 2016 | 7:23 AM

Blood Mica: Deaths of child workers in India's mica "ghost" mines covered up to keep industry alive

KODERMA/BHILWARA/SYDAPURAM, India (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In the depths of India's illegal mica mines, where children as young as five work alongside adults, lurks a dark, hidden secret - the cover-up of child deaths with seven killed in the past two months, a Thomson Reuters Foundation investigation has revealed.

13 Jul 2016 | 5:33 PM

India's coal mining ambition hurts indigenous group, Amnesty says

MUMBAI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - India's drive to ramp up coal output to meet growing energy needs has resulted in members of the Adivasi tribe being displaced from their ancestral lands and forced to wait years to be resettled, Amnesty International said on Wednesday.

12 Jul 2016 | 2:56 PM

Transgender pop band and dancers shake up India's prejudices

MUMBAI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Transgender people in India have traditionally been an invisible minority in India, seen only at traffic lights begging for alms or blessing newlyweds and newborn babies.

5 Jul 2016 | 9:32 PM

Dhaka attack deals blow to improvements in post-Rana Plaza garment industry - analysts

MUMBAI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A deadly attack by Islamist militants in Dhaka may stymie efforts by the Bangladeshi government and Western retailers to improve the rights and safety of garment workers, labour rights experts warned on Tuesday.

23 May 2016 | 9:42 PM

Hunger, child marriage, prostitution - India drought hurts women, low-caste Dalits more

MUMBAI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - India's worst drought in decades is hurting women and lower-caste Dalits disproportionately, with impacts ranging from malnutrition to early marriage to prostitution, activists say.

20 May 2016 | 9:30 AM

Disappearing phone booths spur innovation at India child helpline

India's much vaunted mobile telecom revolution has caused a lot of anguish at the country's only toll-free emergency helpline for street children and children in distress.

Looking out for kids: Childline answered 9.4 million calls in the year to March 31, more than double the number the previous year. The 1098 helpline is key to India's efforts in curbing child trafficking and other abuses, Kumar said. — AFP
5 May 2016 | 9:17 PM

No wedding tents for child marriages, Indian suppliers vow

MUMBAI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Suppliers of wedding tents may not be the most obvious allies in the battle to prevent child marriage, but in India's Rajasthan state they have come together to tackle some of the highest rates of early marriage in the country.

24 Apr 2016 | 7:00 AM

Workers’ safety still an issue

Three years after the Rana Plaza disaster which killed over 1,000 workers in Bangladesh, nothing much has been done to make buildings more secure.

Tragic incident: Rescue operations going on after the Rana Plaza collapse in Dhaka on April 24, 2013. — EPA
25 Feb 2016 | 11:10 AM

Indian farmers deep in debt, seek subsidies, help with insurance

MUMBAI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Indian government action to increase spending on irrigation and crop insurance is not enough to end a cycle of indebtedness that has led to thousands of farmer suicides, and a complete overhaul of credit and subsidies to farmers is needed, activists said.

24 Feb 2016 | 6:07 PM

Classical Indian dance helps trafficking victims to heal, study shows

MUMBAI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Classical Indian dance could be an effective form of therapy for victims of human trafficking and sexual violence, helping them to overcome their traumatic experiences and gain confidence, a pilot study has shown.