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12 Mar 2019 | 10:15 AM

Can you still listen to Michael Jackson after his rape allegations?

I remember very vividly where I was the day Michael Jackson died.

5 Mar 2019 | 10:44 AM

How many Malaysians can I trigger in an article?

Last week, I wrote about the competition for tourism between Malaysia and Singapore, and pointed out how we dropped the ball and handed the popular image of our culture over to our marketing-savvy neighbours.

26 Feb 2019 | 12:02 PM

We know our culture is better than Singapore - and that's the problem

A few months ago, an opinion piece was published on Singaporean digital news portal RICE Media. It was titled "Hawker culture belongs to Singapore because we have more money" and drew the ire of Malaysians on Twitterjaya.

19 Feb 2019 | 9:18 AM

In the tussle for Malay votes, PAS' trump card grows bigger

It was the Watergate expose, of how a United States president knowingly lied about clandestine activities by his party that sank the Nixon administration in the 70's.

12 Feb 2019 | 9:26 AM

Attention VIPs with outriders, no one cares who you are!

When I was studying for my Masters in London, I had the opportunity to watch a play starring Natalie Dormer, of Game of Thrones fame.

8 Feb 2019 | 10:53 AM

My application for Marzuki’s job at the Foreign Ministry

I am Nicholas Cheng a 28-year-old, healthy man who has yet to be bankrupted, and holds a tertiary education. My Bachelors degree is in media and my Masters degree is in international conflict resolution.

29 Jan 2019 | 7:30 PM

Dealing with the 'pig' in the room, how brands market CNY in a sensitive Malaysia

IT MUST be a stressful time to be in advertising right now. You spend months and thousands of ringgit to come up with brand ideas, produce billboards and newspaper ads, make videos that will be skipped after five seconds on YouTube - only to have all of that work undone by one Facebook post from some guy who mistook wagyu beef for pork.

22 Jan 2019 | 9:26 AM

They also had youth curfew in Footloose; it didn’t work

THERE was a word I heard quite often when I visited Iceland, called “gleði”. Translated directly into English, it means joy.

15 Jan 2019 | 10:22 AM

So, it's okay when the party I support is doing it?

THERE is this very interesting interview, allegedly from the 1400s, in which someone asked French King Francis I about his rival and brother-in-law, Spanish King Charles V with whom he had been locked in a 60-year war over the control of Italy.

10 Jan 2019 | 1:04 PM

Stop being selective over what to be outraged at

BARELY a month ago, the Pakatan Harapan government announced that it was lifting its freeze on several controversial laws, including the Sedition Act.