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4 Feb 2019 | 3:38 PM

Desperate Mongolians send children into countryside to escape choking winter smog

ULAANBAATAR (Reuters) - Mongolia has extended school winter holidays in the world's coldest capital and many families have sent children to live with relatives in the vast, windswept grasslands to escape choking smog and respiratory diseases such as pneumonia.

27 Dec 2018 | 7:01 PM

Mongolians protest against corruption as temperature plunges

ULAANBAATAR (Reuters) - Tens of thousands of Mongolians took to the streets on Thursday to protest against corruption in the top echelons of politics, braving temperatures that dropped below minus 20 degrees Celsius in the capital, Ulaanbaatar.

28 Jul 2018 | 1:49 PM

Turkish teacher kidnapped in Mongolia freed after authorities ground flight

BEIJING (Reuters) - A Turkish teacher, who was allegedly kidnapped in the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar and taken to the city's airport, has been released after authorities temporarily grounded an airplane, according to local media and a social media posting by the man.

15 Jul 2018 | 9:10 AM

Rights groups urge better treatment for Mongolia child jockeys

ULAANBAATAR (Reuters) - At the opening of Mongolia's traditional Naadam festival, red-cheeked child jockeys in brightly coloured outfits and helmets raced over the muddy steppe in a 24-km (15-mile) endurance race, excitedly whipping their mounts.

31 Mar 2018 | 6:27 PM

Mongolians protest to demand greater action against child abuse

ULAANBAATAR (Reuters) - Thousands of Mongolians protested in front of parliament in Ulaanbaatar on Saturday to demand more action to prevent child abuse, after the widely-reported rape of a male infant shocked the country.