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14 Sep 2018 | 7:17 AM

Chinese doctors pull 10cm live worm from grilled food lover’s brain

The 26-year-old Chinese man’s epileptic fits were caused by the tapeworm, which was probably ingested in an undercooked meal

12 Sep 2018 | 11:11 PM

Doctors pull 10cm live worm from grilled food lover’s brain

Epilepsy was caused by 10cm tapeworm which was probably ingested in undercooked meal

12 Sep 2018 | 11:43 AM

Chinese social media celebrity Saya faces charges over alleged attack on pregnant woman

Suspect, who is said to have launched assault after victim’s husband kicked her dog, will be charged once health of unborn baby is clarified, police say

11 Sep 2018 | 12:03 PM

Chinese teenager dies after picking up cup used to store weedkiller to drink from river

Fifteen-year-old dies from poisoning a month after the incident

29 Aug 2018 | 1:20 PM

Wheels missing on plane after another emergency landing for Chinese budget carrier Capital Airlines

Landing gear problems force aircraft to divert to Shenzhen in second flight crisis for airline in three days

9 Aug 2018 | 11:56 AM

Chinese tourists’ love of Thailand rocked by Phuket boat tragedy, but airports are working hard to win them back

Dedicated lanes manned by Mandarin speakers open at five airports across Southeast Asian country

11 Jul 2018 | 12:52 PM

Business is writhing in a Chinese village charmed by 3 million snakes

Breeding the reptiles for food and traditional medicine changed everything for Zisiqiao, where the trade brings in US$12 million a year

13 Jun 2018 | 7:50 AM

Chinese scooter thief taunts police online, ‘come catch me’ ... They did

Mandy Zuo

12 Jun 2018 | 2:01 PM

Chinese boy, 8, shoots, injures girl thinking gun was a toy

Victim may be partially paralysed as surgeons try to remove dozens of pellets from her neck and right arm, newspaper reports

29 May 2018 | 1:26 PM

It’s not just Starbucks ... Businesses across China are opening their toilets to the public

Thousands of companies agree to open their washrooms to the public as part of the nation’s ‘toilet revolution’ campaign