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17 May 2019 | 11:47 PM

Venezuela's Maduro says Norway talks sought 'peaceful agenda' with opposition

CARACAS (Reuters) - Talks in Norway this week with representatives of Venezuela's government and the opposition sought to "build a peaceful agenda" for the crisis-stricken South American country, President Nicolas Maduro said on Friday.

16 May 2019 | 6:22 AM

U.S. orders suspension of flights between the U.S. and Venezuela

WASHINGTON/CARACAS (Reuters) - The U.S. Department of Transportation on Wednesday ordered the suspension of all commercial passenger and cargo flights between the United States and Venezuela, citing reports of unrest and violence around airports in the South American country.

1 May 2019 | 11:00 PM

Venezuelan protests peter out as Maduro hangs on; U.S. and Russia squabble

CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuelans heeded opposition leader Juan Guaido's call to take to the streets on Wednesday in a bid to force President Nicolas Maduro from power, but there was little sign of any concrete effects on what increasingly looked like a political stalemate.

30 Apr 2019 | 11:05 PM

Venezuela's Guaido calls for uprising but military loyal to Maduro for now

CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido on Tuesday made his strongest call yet to the military to help him oust President Nicolas Maduro but there were no concrete signs of defection from the armed forces leadership.

29 Mar 2019 | 2:39 AM

Venezuela's Guaido barred from public office for 15 years

CARACAS (Reuters) - The Venezuelan government said opposition leader Juan Guaido would be barred from public office for 15 years on Thursday, as it seeks to crack down on the U.S.-backed rival to President Nicolas Maduro.

16 Feb 2019 | 7:08 AM

Venezuela opposition to leave Citgo funds, management untouched - envoy

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Venezuela's opposition has no plans to use funds belonging to U.S. refiner Citgo, which is owned by state oil company PDVSA, despite having named a new board for the company this week, the self-declared interim government's U.S. envoy said on Friday.

16 Feb 2019 | 6:54 AM

Venezuela opposition's U.S. envoy has no 'crystal ball' on Maduro exit

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Venezuelan opposition’s envoy to the United States said on Friday there was no telling how long it would take to oust President Nicolas Maduro but that efforts to end his rule were "irreversible," despite the failure so far to convince the military to abandon him.

15 Feb 2019 | 6:11 AM

Venezuela's Maduro ramps up legal fight against Guaido's challenge

CARACAS/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's government stepped up a legal battle against efforts to oust him on Thursday, while the opposition said the international community had pledged more than $100 million in humanitarian aid for the country.

14 Feb 2019 | 11:40 PM

Venezuelan opposition envoy urges foreign help to get aid in

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Venezuelan opposition's envoy to the United States accused the government of President Nicolas Maduro on Thursday of blocking humanitarian aid to the country and urged the international community to help open "thousands of windows" to let assistance in.

14 Feb 2019 | 5:37 AM

Guaido's U.S. team has capacity to use Venezuelan embassy bank accounts - source

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido's representatives in the United States have the "capacity" to use bank accounts belonging to the country's Washington embassy, but do not plan to do so for now, a member of Guaido's diplomatic team said on Wednesday.