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9 Jan 2019 | 8:09 AM

‘School staff member’ detained after 20 primary pupils wounded in Beijing attack

Three pupils seriously injured in attack, but their lives are not thought to be at risk
School says worker was detained after attack in Chinese capital’s Xicheng district

9 Jan 2019 | 8:08 AM

Chinese customs official in sex and smuggling scandal

Head of Dalian port customs accused of helping overseas personal shoppers avoid duty on luxury goods
He denies all wrongdoing and says he will be cleared

8 Jan 2019 | 11:14 AM

Chinese man gets US$670,000 payout after he was wrongfully jailed for 25 years

Compensation package includes record US$277,000 for ‘mental harm’ caused
Liu Zhonglin, now 50, was exonerated in April over the murder of an 18-year-old woman. He had maintained his innocence throughout his imprisonment

4 Jan 2019 | 7:35 AM

Chinese schoolboy, 11, wins hearts by helping his mum sweep the streets

Photos of Long Guotao working with a dustpan and broom while his mother rested nearby were posted online by a passer-by
Wu Azhen says ‘he is truly a great boy’ – but she wants him to spend more time studying

18 Dec 2018 | 1:00 PM

Chinese police detain grandfather after 11-year-old boy accidentally kills cousin, 9, while playing with nail gun

First responders could not save girl’s life after nail gun accident
Police say construction tool has been used for poaching

10 Dec 2018 | 7:32 AM

Elite Chinese school tells would-be primary teachers they must have a PhD to get a job

Beijing school affiliated to country’s leading scientific academy is latest to set the bar high when looking for new staff members
Exclusive educational institutes are increasingly willing to pay more for highly qualified teachers, even though it widens gap between haves and have-nots

8 Dec 2018 | 4:06 PM

Chinese students left high and dry as bluetooth shower system fails to deliver hot water

Users say new app-based payment system not only does not work but also puts their phones at risk of water damage
And cost of taking a shower has risen fivefold, others complain

8 Dec 2018 | 10:12 AM

Chinese village’s ‘magic’ stalk cut down by police because it’s ‘superstitious’

Villagers had started worship giant sorghum stalk because they believed it had been endowed with supernatural qualities

7 Dec 2018 | 10:43 AM

Chinese hospital compensates man put off operating table and sent to pay US$2,200 bill

Surgeons in Lanzhou say doctor demanded fee from anaesthetised patient that was seven times typical bill for procedure
Poor regulation of private hospitals in China leads to cases where surgeons extort thousands of yuan in extra fees from people in their care

7 Dec 2018 | 7:27 AM

Chinese mum fakes son’s kidnapping to test husband’s love

Child found safe and well at relative’s house
Online community response a mix of relief and outrage