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14 Nov 2018 | 1:45 PM

‘Drunk’ Chinese man’s Singles' Day shopping frenzy ends with a live pig, peacock and salamander

Man gets more than he bargained for when he drinks and shops in China’s great spending spree

8 Nov 2018 | 11:45 AM

The American ‘fake smile boy’ China genuinely loves

Gavin Thomas, an American youngster whose expressions have been the stuff of memes since he was two, builds a fan base through Weibo

7 Nov 2018 | 7:51 AM

Chinese graduate found dead in bathtub in upscale New York apartment block

Former boyfriend of Ying Huang arrested by police over 22-year-old’s death
Berkeley College graduate’s body showed severe signs of bruising

4 Nov 2018 | 3:35 PM

Student’s worst nightmare: Chinese university sends grades straight to parents

Shenzhen students complain that they were asked to provide addresses for ‘security reasons’
Some worry they will have some explaining to do after they found out results were delivered to their parents

4 Nov 2018 | 10:08 AM

‘You’re a prostitute, not Chinese’ – rant on train stirs debate about Halloween

You are China’s disgrace, says man in video, dividing opinion on social media
Younger man says he and his friend were the target after they wore Halloween-style make-up

28 Oct 2018 | 12:50 PM

Chinese man jailed for Koran burning as Islamaphobia spreads online

Offender charged with inciting national hatred
Video of the act widely shared on social media, attracting support from majority of internet commentators

26 Oct 2018 | 6:27 PM

Chinese woman, 39, injures 14 kids in kindergarten stabbing spree

Motive of kindergarten attack in Chongqing still unclear.

25 Oct 2018 | 12:32 PM

Where’s the proof? The Chinese rape accused seeking justice after 23 years and four trials

Jin Zhehong, now 50, said previous confessions, which had been used as evidence, were tortured out of him
Amid a rehearing by the Jilin High Court, both prosecution and defence lawyers agreed that ‘the facts were unclear and the evidence is insufficient’

25 Oct 2018 | 10:43 AM

Chinese tourists lead to spike in medical disputes in Korea

Nearly 70 per cent of medical disputes involved patients travelling from China for treatment
Cancer, cosmetic surgery and skincare most common procedures

23 Oct 2018 | 11:55 AM

Chinese broadcaster denies host spent US$865,800 on lavish light show for birthday

But Jiangsu radio station says it has given Deng Huang a warning for breaking the rules
Rumours of decadent 10-hour celebration have been circulating online for months