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22 Feb 2019 | 2:00 PM

Agribusiness is the problem, not the solution

KUALA LUMPUR: For two centuries, all too many discussions about hunger and resource scarcity has been haunted by the ghost of Parson Thomas Malthus. Malthus warned that rising populations would exhaust resources, especially those needed for food production. Exponential population growth would outstrip food output.

13 Feb 2019 | 2:09 PM

Economic crisis can trigger world war

KUALA LUMPUR and BERLIN: Economic recovery efforts since the 2008-2009 global financial crisis have mainly depended on unconventional monetary policies. As fears rise of yet another international financial crisis, there are growing concerns about the increased possibility of large-scale military conflict.

5 Dec 2018 | 2:38 PM

Havana charter's progressive trade vision subverted

KUALA LUMPUR & SYDNEY: In criticizing the "free trade delusion", UNCTAD's 2018 Trade and Development Report proposes an alternative to both reactionary nationalism, recently revived by President Trump, and the corporate cosmopolitanism of neoliberal multilateral discourse in recent decades by revisiting the Havana Charter on its 70th anniversary.

William L Clayton signs on behalf of the US government the Final Act of the Havana Charter of the UN Conference on Trade and Employment.
17 Oct 2018 | 7:54 PM

Developing countries losing out to digital giants

KUALA LUMPUR and SYDNEY: A new United Nations report warns that the potential benefits to developing countries of digital technologies are likely to be lost to a small number of successful first movers who have established digital monopolies.

3 Oct 2018 | 3:03 PM

Trade war due to deeper malaise

KUALA LUMPUR and SYDNEY: The world economy remains tepid and unstable a decade after the 2008 financial crisis, while growing trade conflicts are symptoms of deeper economic malaise, according to a new United Nations publication.

13 Sep 2018 | 2:26 PM

Great Recession, greater illusions

SYDNEY and KUALA LUMPUR: In 2009, the world economy contracted by -2.2%. Growth in all developing countries declined from around 8% in 2007 to 2.6% in 2009 as the developed world contracted by -3.8% in 2009. The collapse of the Lehmann Brothers investment bank in September 2008 symbolized the US financial crisis that triggered the Great Recession of 2008-2009.

5 Sep 2018 | 1:07 PM

Revisiting privatisation’s claims

KUALA LUMPUR: Several arguments have been advanced to justify privatisation since the 1980s. Privatisation has been advocated as an easy means to:

22 Aug 2018 | 2:01 PM

Has globalisation enhanced development cooperation?

KUALA LUMPUR: Protracted economic stagnation in rich countries continues to threaten the development prospects of poorer countries. Globalisation and economic liberalisation over the last few decades have integrated developing countries into the world economy, but now that very integration is becoming a threat as developing countries are shackled by the knock-on effects of the rich world’s troubles.

15 Aug 2018 | 3:32 PM

Demonising state-owned enterprises

HISTORICALLY, the private sector has been unable or unwilling to affordably provide needed services. Hence, meeting such needs could not be left to the market or private interests. Thus, state-owned enterprises (SOEs) emerged, often under colonial rule, due to such ‘market failure’ as the private sector could not meet the needs of colonial capitalist expansion.

27 Jul 2018 | 2:21 PM

Globalisation, inequality, convergence, divergence

KUALA LUMPUR: Economic divergence among countries and regions was never pre-ordained. According to the late cliometrician Angus Madison and other economic historians, the great divergence between the global North and South, between developed and developing countries, began around five centuries ago, from the beginning of the European, particularly Iberian colonial conquests.