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23 May 2019 | 12:34 AM

Swiss propose house arrest, including for teenagers, to curb extremism

ZURICH (Reuters) - The Swiss government on Wednesday proposed new laws aimed at preventing extremist violence and forcing people including children deemed a threat to be registered with authorities, with house arrest a last resort in some cases.

10 Apr 2019 | 11:34 PM

Swiss government says coffee 'not essential', stockpiling to end

ZURICH (Reuters) - Switzerland on Wednesday announced plans to abolish the nation's emergency stockpile of coffee, in place for decades, after declaring the beans not vital for human survival, though opposition to the proposal is brewing.

28 Feb 2019 | 6:01 PM

Swiss may let 5,000 people use marijuana legally for studies

ZURICH (Reuters) - Switzerland may let up to 5,000 people smoke marijuana legally in pilot studies to help shape new rules for recreational use of the drug, the government said on Thursday.

25 Dec 2018 | 4:11 AM

Austrian man released after arrest in Turkey in September

ZURICH/ISTANBUL (Reuters) - A Turkish court on Monday agreed to release an Austrian student, activist and journalist who was arrested three months ago, but he will have to remain in the country to await judicial proceedings, his lawyer said on Monday.

5 Dec 2018 | 10:06 PM

New Swiss cabinet member says EU treaty hinges on wage protections

ZURICH (Reuters) - A newly-elected Swiss cabinet member vowed to fight to preserve wage protections in any new treaty with the European Union, potentially complicating talks with the bloc that are already stalled over the issue.

1 Dec 2018 | 4:29 AM

Swiss cabinet opposes move to curb EU immigration in referendum

ZURICH (Reuters) - The Swiss government said on Friday it opposed curbing immigration from the European Union as proposed in a planned referendum because a yes vote could harm exports to the country's biggest trade partner.

20 Nov 2018 | 11:37 PM

Investigators find no technical reasons for plane crash in Swiss Alps

ZURICH (Reuters) - An investigation into the crash of a vintage plane in the Swiss Alps in August that killed 20 people has so far found no technical defects that caused the tragedy, the country's transport safety agency said on Tuesday.

16 Nov 2018 | 9:48 PM

Swiss prosecutor cleared in FIFA probe, to leave job

ZURICH (Reuters) - A top Swiss federal prosecutor has been cleared of wrongdoing after being suspended amid questions about his conduct during investigations into suspected corruption surrounding world soccer body FIFA, a special prosecutor in Zurich said on Friday.

29 Oct 2018 | 1:23 PM

Robots to make robots at ABB’s new US$150mil factory in China

Robots will make robots at a new ABB factory in China, which the Swiss engineering group said it plans to build for US$150mil in Shanghai as it defends its place as the country's largest maker of industrial robots.

A file photo of humanoid robot YuMi conducting the Lucca Philharmonic Orchestra performing a concert alongside Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli (unseen) at the Verdi Theatre in Pisa, Italy. ABB's new 75,000-square-foot factory will use software meant to allow people and robots to work safely in close proximity, the company said. — Reuters
27 Sep 2018 | 6:44 PM

Second pro-EU Swiss minister in a week announces resignation

ZURICH (Reuters) - A Swiss minister who backs strong ties to the European Union announced on Thursday she planned to quit, the second to do so this week, amid efforts by the country to wrap up talks with the EU on renewing bilateral ties.