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19 May 2019 | 10:00 AM

Self-driving tech attracts investors, but Uber still relies on its drivers

Former Uber chief executive Travis Kalanick once blamed the high cost of each ride on the "other dude in the car" – the driver.

Ride-hailing drivers picketing on May 8, 2019, near Los Angeles International Airport demanding higher wages. Should self-driving vehicles flood the streets, Uber now believes it may always need some humans behind the wheel to help meet demand. — Los Angeles Times/TNS
13 Feb 2019 | 11:00 AM

Where does a tip to an Amazon driver go? In some cases, toward the driver’s base pay

Amazon at times dips into the tips earned by contracted delivery drivers to cover their promised pay, a Times review of emails and receipts reveals.

Amazon guarantees third-party drivers for its Flex programme a minimum of US$18-US$25 per hour, but the entirety of that payment doesn’t always come from the company. If Amazon’s contribution doesn’t reach the guaranteed wage, the e-commerce giant makes up the difference with tips from customers, according to documentation shared by five drivers. — Dreamstime/TNS