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29 Jan 2019 | 2:00 PM

Can WeChat defend its social media predominance by blocking its competitors?

The Tencent-owned super app turned eight years old this month amid criticism about its monopolistic behaviour.

Criticism about WeChat’s anti-competitive stand snowballed earlier this month after it blocked links to three new social media apps. — SCMP
22 Jan 2019 | 4:58 PM

Tencent’s fake news debunkers reached nearly 300 million WeChat users last year

A claim that onions can kill the flu virus was shared over 400,000 times on the social media app.

Popular fake news topics ranged from food safety and health care to stories about society. One of the most widely circulated rumours, a claim that onions can kill the flu virus, was shared over 400,000 times on the social media app, mainly among males aged 25 to 55, according to the report. — SCMP
17 Jan 2019 | 7:26 PM

Tencent says criticism of its dominance in social media is ‘groundless’ after its WeChat app blocks three rivals

With 1 billion monthly active users, WeChat has been maintaining its stranglehold on China’s social media environment.

Links to three social media apps launched on Jan 15 – Matong, Duoshan and Liaotianbao – were blocked from opening within WeChat’s browser for “containing unsafe content and receiving user complaints”, according to Tencent, prompting an immediate rebuke from the challengers. — Bloomberg
24 Dec 2018 | 2:30 PM

'Tik Tok' tests longer-form content as rivalry with Tencent-backed apps heats up

Operated by ByteDance, 'Tik Tok' has enabled the creation of lengthier video clips through an upgrade that is available to Android smartphone users in China.

'Tik Tok' boosted its user base from 100 million viewers to 130 million after the merger with lip-synching app '' in August. — SCMP
17 Dec 2018 | 11:00 AM

Home robotics maker Trifo joins wave of Chinese Silicon Valley start-ups returning home to fulfill AI dreams

Shenzhen’s supply chain, logistics support and speed are some of the reasons Chinese entrepreneur Zhe Zhang is choosing to bring his tech dream home.

Even with Trifo’s main operations in China, Zhang said the company’s main target markets are still the US and Europe 'where the home robot market is more mature'. — SCMP
23 Nov 2018 | 5:00 PM

Chinese gaming giant Tencent looks to South-East Asia with Sea partnership

Tencent's partnership with Sea, which operates South-East Asia’s biggest gaming platform with 161 million quarterly active users, comes amid regulatory uncertainties in China.

The partnership comes as growth in China’s gaming industry has stalled after a halt in the game approval process and a tightening regulatory environment at home, leaving developers and publishers eager to explore overseas opportunities. — Reuters
23 Nov 2018 | 1:35 PM

Tencent’s ID check for games catches out TFBoys star Roy Wang Yuan before his 18th birthday

Tencent last month made it mandatory for players to verify their age to log into the hit game Honour of Kings, and brought minors into an anti-addiction system.

Wang (right) was busted by Tencent's minor detection systems for playing Honour of Kings on the eve of his 18th birthday. — Handout
14 Nov 2018 | 3:30 PM

Tencent seeks to kill silo culture that gave it WeChat as it expands into AI, big data

Tencent's management is out to promote more cooperation across different groups as part of a business restructuring, even though flagship messaging and social media app WeChat came about from internal rivalry.

The days of silos and ultra-competitive internal teams are over, say Tencent execs. — Reuters
12 Nov 2018 | 12:00 PM

Digital economy and AI key to China’s post-Internet future

Tencent will allocate US$140mil (RM 585mil) to establish an award for young researchers in fundamental science and cutting-edge core technologies.

The World Internet Conference, the brainchild of disgraced former Internet tsar Lu Wei, has been held annually since 2014 in the picturesque canal town of Wuzhen in northern Zhejiang province. — SCMP
9 Nov 2018 | 1:30 PM

Tencent says it will protect minors who play its games regardless of impact on revenue

Tencent this week said it would require all players of its mobile and personal computer games to verify their identities against police databases from next year.

The latest announcement by Tencent forms part of its broad effort to address the government’s call for gaming companies to do more to protect the nation’s youth from addiction. — SCMP