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24 Sep 2018 | 9:30 AM

US$34K to repair a car? High-tech features mean higher repair bills

Many new vehicles these days come loaded with all kinds of extras, including safety features that should help you avoid a crash. But what happens when these ever-more technologically advanced vehicles crash?

The 2019 Kia K900. Experts say the cost to repair technology in modern day vehicles could be hefty. — TNS
2 Jul 2018 | 9:30 AM

Distracted driving, cellphones seen as factors in pedestrian deaths

Count Paul Snyder among those who believes distraction, more than vehicles themselves, is responsible for the increase in pedestrian fatalities.

Reports of drivers using their phones to send and read text messages, check e-mail or watch videos are not unusual, but all of those activities, when they happen behind the wheel, can be extremely risky. — TNS
26 Apr 2018 | 10:30 AM

Amazon pairs with GM, Volvo to deliver packages to your car

The next time you have an Amazon package delivered, will it be to your car?

Amazon packages can now be delivered to more than 7 million Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles in the US. — General Motors/TNS
2 Apr 2018 | 6:00 AM

Remote control for driverless cars could make them safer

Imagine sitting in a driverless car as it approaches a construction zone. A worker tries to wave the vehicle into the oncoming traffic lane to get around an obstruction, but the vehicle does not know how to navigate the situation.

30 Jan 2018 | 8:00 AM

Concerned about self-driving cars? You’re not alone

Using the adaptive cruise control on his Toyota Avalon left Rich Heidebrink feeling uneasy.

An AAA survey released this week found that although 63% of US drivers said they would feel afraid to ride in a self-driving vehicle, the percentage is down from 78% last year. — Bay Area News Group/TNS
2 Jan 2018 | 12:26 PM

Self-driving vehicle proving ground tests cars before they hit open road

The launch of self-driving vehicle testing at the American Centre for Mobility west of Detroit came with something that frequently confounds human drivers in Michigan – snow.

A file photo of a Google self-driving car. The centre notes that it offers automakers, suppliers, technology companies and others four-season testing, day and night, in sun, rain, ice and snow, elements it calls the "perfect environment" for testing driverless and connected vehicles before they are deployed on public roads. — Bay Area News Group/TNS
19 Sep 2017 | 10:00 AM

Can cycling be safer if bikes are smarter and ‘talk’ to cars?

Jake Sigal wants to make biking safer. To do that, Sigal and his Detroit-area software company, Tome, plan to make bicycles, or their accessories, smarter and allow them to communicate with the cars and trucks that occupy the same streets, sometimes leading to fatal interactions.

Sigal showing off a piece of cycling equipment that could be made smarter through a research project his company and Trek Bicycle are launching at Mcity in Ann Arbor, Michigan. — Detroit Free Press/TNS
11 Jan 2017 | 5:30 PM

Toyota says future is constant connection for drivers

Constant connection. That's the vision a Toyota executive offered in a talk on mobility at the North American International Auto Show, one day after the Japanese automaker revealed a redesigned, eighth-generation Camry at the show.