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26 Dec 2018 | 2:03 PM

Cybersecurity's next phase: Cyber-deterrence

For decades, deterrence has effectively countered the threat of nuclear weapons. Can we achieve similar results against cyber weapons?

Active cyber defense does more than just deny attackers opportunities. It can often unmask the people behind them, leading to punishment. — Reuters
26 Dec 2018 | 8:00 AM

Is quantum computing a cybersecurity threat?

Cybersecurity researchers and analysts are rightly worried that a new type of computer, based on quantum physics rather than more standard electronics, could break most modern cryptography. The effect would be to render communications as insecure as if they weren’t encoded at all.

The photo shows electronics for use in a quantum computer in the quantum computing lab. Describing the inner workings of a quantum computer isn’t easy, even for top scholars. — AP