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4 Jan 2019 | 4:29 PM

Offices grow ‘brains’ as companies seek to attract smarter workers

Employees will not need a key to get into the office of the future when it opens in Berlin this year, featuring ample meeting space, plenty of copy machines always stocked with paper along with high-quality air processed to maximise worker health and minimise sick time.

The Berlin headquarters of Zalando during the final construction phase. — Zalando/Reuters
21 Nov 2018 | 11:44 PM

Capitalist Avenue? 'Nein Danke!' say Karl Marx Allee tenants in Berlin

BERLIN (Reuters) - Tenants are up in arms over the sale of apartments on the most prominent boulevard in old Communist East Germany to Berlin's largest property company, the latest in a wave of protests over skyrocketing rents in the German capital.

1 Nov 2018 | 2:30 PM

Click-on bionic arm could help amputees do the simple things

Edmund Rath, a 53-year-old from Austria, wants to do simple things such as brush his teeth and slice bread.

Rath showing an artificial hand prosthesis during the Ottobock media day in Vienna, Austria. — Reuters
22 Aug 2018 | 10:34 PM

Exclusive - Pharma sector warns Saudis on German drug curbs

BERLIN (Reuters) - European and U.S. pharmaceutical associations have waded into a diplomatic row between Germany and Saudi Arabia, warning that ongoing restrictions on German-made drugs could hurt Saudi patients and dampen future investment in the kingdom.

25 Jun 2018 | 4:30 PM

All grown up and nowhere to work: Berlin runs short of office space

Nearly 30 years after the fall of the Wall, ”cool” Berlin is booming, with some 40,000 people moving to the German capital every year to work not just at its vibrant tech start-ups but also increasingly at big multinational firms.

25 Sep 2017 | 7:14 PM

Berlin votes to keep Cold War era Tegel airport open

BERLIN (Reuters) - Berliners voted to keep the historic Tegel airport open even after a new international hub is completed, creating a headache for the German capital's government, which wanted it closed.

24 Sep 2017 | 10:13 PM

Merkel tries to build coalition after vote that puts far right in parliament

BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany's Angela Merkel began the tough task of trying to build a government on Monday after securing a fourth term as chancellor, urging the centre-left Social Democrats not the shut the door on a re-run of their "grand coalition".

18 Sep 2017 | 7:55 PM

Merkel silent on finance ministry speculation at Schaeuble's birthday bash

BERLIN (Reuters) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel lauded her veteran finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble at a birthday party in his honour on Monday, as a potential coalition partner laid claim to his ministry as their price for keeping her in power.

6 Sep 2017 | 10:55 PM

Hashtag politics - Merkel tries to get in with Germany's kids

BERLIN (Reuters) - After 12 years in power, Chancellor Angela Merkel is presenting herself as more than just Germany's 'Mutti', campaigning in cyberspace to get in with younger voters and win their support for long after elections this month.

21 Dec 2016 | 2:00 AM

Berlin Christmas markets to remain closed on Tuesday

BERLIN (Reuters) - Christmas markets in Berlin stayed shut on Tuesday as the city mourned the victims of the previous evening's truck rampage, while security measures were stepped up at similar events elsewhere in Germany and abroad.