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15 Feb 2018 | 12:44 PM

Ex-student arrested after 17 shot dead at Florida high school

PARKLAND, Fla. (Reuters) - A 19-year-old gunman returning to a Florida high school where he had once been expelled opened fire with an assault rifle on Wednesday, killing 17 people and wounding more than a dozen others before he was arrested, authorities said.

15 Feb 2018 | 12:03 PM

Florida school shooting suspect a troubled ex-student who was 'crazy about guns'

PARKLAND, Fla. (Reuters) - The man accused of opening fire at a Florida high school on Wednesday, killing 17 people, was a troubled former student who loved guns and was expelled for unspecified disciplinary reasons, police and former classmates said.

15 Feb 2018 | 5:22 AM

Florida school shooter in custody, Senator says multiple dead

PARKLAND, Fla. (Reuters) - A shooter opened fire at a Florida high school on Wednesday, killing multiple people and sending hundreds of students fleeing into the streets before being taken into custody by law enforcement, authorities said.

26 Dec 2017 | 7:19 AM

Man says he delivered manure to Mnuchin to protest new U.S. tax law

(Reuters) - A man claiming to be the person who delivered a gift-wrapped package of horse manure at the Los Angeles home of U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Monday he did it to protest the federal tax overhaul signed into law last week by President Donald Trump.

22 Dec 2017 | 11:45 AM

Chicago police say Facebook 'secret groups' traffic in guns and drugs

Police in Chicago said on Thursday they have arrested 50 people suspected of using "secret groups" on Facebook to deal in guns and drugs.

Johnson initially criticised Facebook as being unhelpful during a 10-month investigation by his department. — Reuters
10 Nov 2017 | 8:41 AM

Rand Paul's accused attacker pleads not guilty to assault

(Reuters) - The man accused of tackling U.S. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky and breaking his ribs as he was mowing his lawn pleaded not guilty on Thursday to a misdemeanour assault charge, a court official said.

14 Oct 2017 | 5:56 AM

University of North Carolina dodges penalty after sham-course probe

(Reuters) - The University of North Carolina has avoided major penalties for running sham classes taken by scholarship athletes after a probe found they did not violate National Collegiate Athletic Association academic rules, the sports body said on Friday.

12 Oct 2017 | 7:00 AM

Boy Scouts of America to allow girls to join, earn Eagle Scout rank

(Reuters) - In a historic shift, the Boy Scouts of America will let girls enroll in Cub Scouts starting next year and allow them to eventually earn the highest rank of Eagle Scout, the organization said on Wednesday.

1 Oct 2017 | 11:08 PM

Some NFL players kneel during U.S. anthem again despite Trump call for protest to end

(Reuters) - Several dozen NFL players, fewer than last week, chose to sit or kneel during the U.S. national anthem at the start of games on Sunday, a day after President Donald Trump again demanded an end to a protest he sees as a sign of disrespect for the flag.

11 Sep 2017 | 10:14 PM

With 7.4 million without power, utility workers get respect

Fort Lauderdale and New York (Reuters) - When more than 7.4 million homes and businesses are without power after a hurricane, utility workers tend to get noticed a bit more than usual.

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