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13 Dec 2018 | 6:57 PM

Lion Air crash victims' families rally as hunt for wreckage steps up

JAKARTA (Reuters) - Families of some of the 189 people killed in a Lion Air plane crash held a protest rally in Indonesia on Thursday, while stalled efforts to bring the main wreckage to the surface and find the second black box are set to resume next week.

12 Nov 2018 | 10:56 PM

Indonesia urges more training for pilots after Lion Air crash

JAKARTA (Reuters) - Indonesian investigators said on Monday more training was needed for Boeing 737 MAX pilots after discovering the situation believed to have faced the crew of a doomed Lion Air jet was not contained in the aircraft's flight manual.

3 Nov 2018 | 3:11 PM

Senior Indonesian rescue diver dies in jet crash search

JAKARTA (Reuters) - An Indonesian rescue diver died in the search for a passenger jet that crashed early this week near Jakarta, killing all 189 people on board, the search and rescue agency (Basarnas) said on Saturday.

1 Nov 2018 | 10:28 PM

Exclusive: Pilot radioed alert on doomed Indonesian jet's previous flight

JAKARTA (Reuters) - The pilot of a Lion Air flight from Indonesia's Bali island on Sunday made a radio alert minutes after take-off due to technical problems, but they were overcome and he pushed on to Jakarta. The same jet crashed on another flight hours later, killing all 189 people on board.

23 Oct 2018 | 2:43 PM

Saudi foreign minister pledges full probe into Khashoggi killing

JAKARTA (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said on Tuesday the kingdom was committed to a thorough and complete investigation to get to the truth behind the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey.

22 Oct 2018 | 4:36 PM

Indonesia calls for 'transparent and thorough' probe of Khashoggi killing

BOGOR, Indonesia (Reuters) - Indonesian President Joko Widodo called for a "transparent and thorough" investigation of the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at a meeting on Monday with Saudi Arabia's foreign minister, the foreign minister of the Asian nation said.

13 Oct 2018 | 5:40 PM

Indonesia flash foods, landslides kill at least 21, destroy hundreds of homes

JAKARTA (Reuters) - Flash floods and landslides triggered by torrential rains in Indonesia have killed at least 21 people, including 11 schoolchildren, left 15 missing, and destroyed hundreds of homes, authorities said on Saturday.

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10 Oct 2018 | 3:39 PM

Islamist protesters fuel political tension over Indonesia's plastic surgery scandal

JAKARTA (Reuters) - Hardline Islamists protested in Indonesia's capital on Wednesday over the investigation of an opposition activist who claimed that bruising on her face was caused by a politically motivated assault but later admitted that it was due to cosmetic surgery.

29 Sep 2018 | 9:50 PM

Indonesia tsunami sensors missed huge waves - official

JAKARTA (Reuters) - Indonesia's geophysics agency lifted a tsunami warning 34 minutes after it was first issued following a major earthquake that sent huge waves crashing into the northeastern coast of Sulawesi island, killing hundreds and leaving thousands more homeless.

15 Sep 2018 | 6:15 PM

Indonesia's quake-hit Lombok declares health emergency over malaria

JAKARTA (Reuters) - Indonesia's tourist island of Lombok is battling malaria, authorities said on Saturday, declaring a health emergency after a series of earthquakes in July and August forced hundreds of thousands to flee their homes.