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Palm oil details on a wall at KDU brings enlightenment

KDU University College lecturers, students and officials consider Malaysian palm oil nutritious and versatile in cooking. This is after they have been exposed to accurate information on the vegetable oil via a wall project at the university college.

Don’t ignore palm oil’s power to alleviate poverty, improve health

The authors of a recent bulletin by the World Health Organisation that criticises palm oil need to better understand the crop's benefits in terms of the economy as well as health.

Public needs science-based information

From DR MAHALETCHUMY ARUJANAN, Executive Director, Malaysian Biotechnology Information Centre.

Making the case for palm oil

From CAPT DR WONG ANG PENG (RTD), President, Society of Natural Health Malaysia, Member, National Patriot Association.

Do you know...facts about palm oil?

Do you know that palm oil is cholesterol-free and rich in Vitamin E tocotrienols? Here are the facts on palm oil's other health and nutritional benefits.

Stop demonising palm oil


Do you know that a stroke can hit you silently?

There is a type of stroke that can strike your brain with you being totally unaware of it; however, it puts you at a higher risk for a repeat stroke.

The palm oil miracle

Palm oil has been found to have many benefits for human health.

Decreasing stress-induced gastritis

SUNGAI BULOH: Suffering from stress-induced gastritis? Palm vitamin E may be the solution.

An E-xcellent local oil

Palm vitamin E has tremendous health potential, and it’s available in our own backyard.