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Picross: Lord Of The Nazarick to match power-fantasy anime with soothing picture puzzle format

Picture puzzle maker Jupiter Corporation has looked to oddball animé Overlord for its latest source of visual inspiration. The result: Picross: Lord Of The Nazarick.

Report: Apple to shift assembly of Mac Pro from US to China

Apple will manufacture its new Mac Pro computer in China, shifting away from a US assembly line it had been using for that product in recent years, according to a report published June 28.

Bum-Bum Island's muck dive sites to draw in new waves of tourists

KOTA KINABALU: From tiny colourful sea slugs to spider-like marine creatures, Semporna's Bum-Bum Island could be Sabah's newest dive tourism site following the discovery of what are called muck dive sites.

Olympics: Stockholm Olympic bidders confident Swedes will back 2026 Games

LAUSANNE, Switzerland (Reuters) - Officials for Stockholm's 2026 Winter Olympics bid believe the majority of Swedes will eventually back the project if the city wins the Games on Monday.

Bone fragments at Gua Kandu in Gopeng confirmed to be human bones, say cops

KAMPAR (Bernama): The bone fragments found in the Gua Kandu area in Gopeng last Saturday (April 20) have been confirmed to be human bones, according to police.

Ancient four-legged whale from Peru walked on land, swam in sea

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Scientists have unearthed fossils in a coastal desert of southern Peru of a four-legged whale that thrived both in the sea and on land about 43 million years ago in a discovery that illuminates a pivotal stage in early cetacean evolution.

Cubans frustrated over U.S. move to end five-year visitor visas

HAVANA (Reuters) - The Trump administration's move to end five-year visitor visas for Cubans has left residents of the island angry and frustrated that it will be even harder to see their relatives, shop, or undertake cultural and academic exchanges in the United States.

In Mosul exhibition, Iraqi artists process brutal rule of Islamic State

MOSUL, Iraq(Reuters) - A raven perched on the shoulder of a woman with flaming hair is Iraqi artist Marwan Fathi's symbol for the terrible events he and his home city Mosul have had to endure.

Whalers back treaty pull-out as cultural heritage

Minamiboso (Japan): Neatly lining up sliced whale meat to make “jerky” in the wintry sea breeze, Tetsuya Masaki says wha­ling is just part of daily life in his tiny Japanese community of Mi­­na­­miboso.