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Grey whales are dying from malnutrition due to sea ice changes

Grey whales are suffering from malnutrition and it is because of larger sea ice changes. Because of our warming climate, whales are being forced to forage farther north for the food produced when plankton blooms at the edge of the ice.

Trump administration retreats on census citizenship question

NEW YORK/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - In a stinging defeat for President Donald Trump, his administration ended its effort to add a citizenship question to the 2020 U.S. census, saying that it will begin printing forms that do not include the contentious query.

Community campus in the pipeline

A COMMUNITY education campus will be built by a non-governmental organisation on 12.14ha (30 acres) of land in Bandar Cassia, Batu Kawan, on the Penang mainland.

Airbnb launches new tier of luxury properties for affluent guests

Airbnb has launched a new category of short-term rentals called Airbnb Luxe that includes French châteaux, villas in Tuscany and historic properties for travellers with deep pockets.

What a fabulous farm life in Serendah, Selangor

About 40 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur in Serendah, is a kampung-style retreat great for staycations and escaping the city life.

Asean seeks conclusion of China-led trade deal

Bangkok: South-East Asian leaders are eager to sign a sweeping China-led trade pact by the end of this year, Thailand’s prime minister said, with further talks expected at a Bangkok summit on the world’s biggest commercial deal.