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Penang's Kelawi Road where the Eurasians set words to music

KELAWAI Road, sometimes spelled Kelawei Road, is one of the busiest roads in Penang. But it will probably have little historical significance to most Penangites, especially the current generation who never saw the quaint street of British-styled bungalows and village houses it was before it got transformed into a modern thoroughfare.

No simple main road

The history of Dato Keramat Road is peppered with the stories of giant personalities. Dato Keramat Road is not part of the George Town heritage area but it is surely one of the most important and recognisable main roads on the island.

Earliest Malay settlement in Penang

ANYONE driving towards the Bayan Lepas International Airport is unlikely to miss the Batu Uban village but most of us would probably not even give it a second look.

Foo Tye Sin a rarity among Penang elites

FOO Tye Sin was a remarkable man. The Chinese community leader was a Justice of Peace, businessman, tin miner and mediator who played major roles mostly reserved for leaders who had migrated from China and made it big in Penang.

The bishop and the French connection

BISHOP Street is today regarded as just another link road leading to busy Beach Street, which is part of the state’s vibrant financial and commercial district.

The Jewish community in Penang is all but gone leaving only tombs behind

IT used to be called Jalan Yahudi but it has been renamed Jalan Zainal Abidin, after the prolific Malay writer who is more popularly known as Za’aba.

Francis Light’s contributions are fondly remembered in history but not of his wife

AS A schoolboy taking the bus home, I would pass by the Methodist Boys School (MBS) in Jalan Air Itam almost every day.

The light of his life Francis Light’s contributions are fondly remembered but not those of his wife

AS A schoolboy taking the bus home, I would pass by the Methodist Boys School (MBS) in Jalan Air Itam almost every day.

Marshland buried with the times

LOOKING at the heavy flow of traffic along Jalan Dr Lim Chwee Leong and Carnarvon Street today, not many would recall it was once a huge swamp area with a canal where boats and junks could sail in.

Penang Free School has a long history with St Xavier’s Institution

IT IS impossible to write about the history of my alma mater, St Xavier’s Institution (Penang’s History, My Story, The Star on Jan 26), and to risk the wrath of my readers, especially Penangites, by ignoring rivals Penang Free School (PFS).