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Mobility startup raises funds

E-SCOOTER service provider Neuron Mobility has raised S$5mil (RM15.2mil) to expand its services across Asia Pacific.

ISO drafts global standards for drones

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has released a draft on standards for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) like drones and it's expected to be adopted globally next year.

Fires, floods and other calamities fuel this US app's popularity

On the morning a fire forced the evacuation of her daughter's school, Ruth Kobayashi found out about it when her smartphone bleated out the distinctive tone she knows she can't ignore: the Orange County high school's app-based emergency communications system.

Installing a GPS tracker could save your bike from theft

More than just a guiding light for those of us lost in an unfamiliar location, GPS technology can also help you locate a stolen bike.

Airlines back creation of global drone registry: IATA

The world's airlines are backing the development of a United Nations-led global registry for drones, as a rise in near collisions by unmanned aircraft and commercial jets fuels safety concerns, an executive of their trade group said.

US political campaigns will run more digital ads this year than ever. Here’s how they’ll find voters

There was plenty of outrage to go around last week following revelations that Facebook data on some 50 million users were used to allegedly build profiles of voters, serve them tailor-made ads and try to help President Donald Trump get elected.

Stop vandalising oBikes

Vandalism on these bicycles included the removal of seats, damaged smart locks, painting the bikes and disposing it into drains.

DBKL to issue guidelines for cycle-sharing business

Problems like parking, usage and retrieval of bicycles in ride-sharing platforms will be addressed.

Condition not fulfilled so bike-sharing licence cancelled

Bike company failed to install the geo-fencing system stipulated by MPSJ.

Drone’s ease piercing New York ‘no-fly’ zone underscores risks

A recreational drone operator whose device smashed into a US Army helicopter in September flew undetected into a no-fly zone over New York set up to protect President Donald Trump and the United Nations.