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Myths about breast cancer and why they aren't true

Here are some popular beliefs about breast cancer that have been perpetuated among women, but are not backed up by any evidence.

4 common lung cancer myths you should know

Here are some common myths about lung cancer that need to be debunked so that those suffering from this cancer can be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.

Breast cancer & urinary incontinence: Separating truths from myths

There are numerous misconceptions that stop Malaysian women from seeking treatment for breast cancer even if they find themselves having the symptoms. And as for urinary incontinence, the notion that this is a normal part of ageing is untrue.

Child cancer survivor moves on

GEORGE TOWN: Growing up with cancer was challenging for Mohd Asif Shaik Safarudin but it made him resilient.

Myths, risks and benefits of masturbation

Although many scientific data supports the benefit of masturbation such as relaxation of heart rate and blood pressure, such self-indulgence is not exactly risk free.

Keeping cancer survivors in mind

WHEN Joyce Wong was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 60, she was gripped with fear.

A fun-filled Fiesta for all

PETALING JAYA: SEVENTY-year-old Zaiton Omar took the MRT early from her home in Gombak, Kuala Lumpur to attend The WOW! Fiesta here because she wanted to grab a seat for the morning talks.

10 things you think you know about STDs but maybe you don't

There are many myths about sexually transmitted diseases that people continue to believe in and new ones they may not know of.

Bringing back the joy of eating

A NEW booklet on nutrition has been released by Nestlé Health Science in collaboration with Prince Court Medical Centre (PCMC).

Malaysian doctors band together to bust medical myths on social media

A small group of Malaysian doctors are taking on health misconceptions on social media via the hashtag #MedTweetMy.