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Hold the perpetrators of sexual violence accountable, not their victims

We need to change the pervasive and toxic culture that polices what women wear and holds them responsible for leading men astray. We need to call out perpetrators of violence and make them accountable for their behaviour.

'Awan & Tanah' charity exhibition discusses gender equality and religion

Sisters of Islam (SIS), an NGO committed to promoting women's rights, is back with its annual fund-raising art exhibition series, which opens at Cult Gallery, Bukit Tunku in Kuala Lumpur on Aug 3.

39 students affected in new case of air pollution

JOHOR BARU: Another air pollution incident has resulted in 39 students from five schools in Pasir Gudang to vomit and have breathing difficulties.

Human rights organisations slam heavier sedition sentence for Wan Ji

PETALING JAYA: Several human rights organisations have slammed the additional one-year sentence given to preacher Wan Ji Wan Husin for sedition.

Muftis: Actions not Islamic

PETALING JAYA: Vigilante moral policing is not Islamic and authorities must act firmly against groups such as the Badar squad before other copycats go around harassing Muslims, say local Islamic leaders.

Table Bill to raise marriage age to 18, SIS tells govt

PETALING JAYA: Sisters in Islam (SIS) has called upon the Pakatan Harapan government to urgently end child marriage in the country and to table a Bill to raise the age in the current parliamentary sitting.

Meat from their own farm

FINDING a restaurant that serves meat that is fresh from the farm daily can be incredibly difficult, but for one establishment in Petaling Jaya, this is not a challenge. Sis & Co Warehouse Cafe in Damansara Jaya prides itself on getting fresh pork for most of its dishes directly from its own farm.

Justice Thomas urges U.S. Supreme Court to feel free to reverse precedents

(Reuters) - Justice Clarence Thomas on Monday urged the U.S. Supreme Court to feel less bound to upholding precedent, advancing a view that if adopted by enough of his fellow justices could result in more past decisions being overruled, perhaps including the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion nationwide.

SIS lambasts Kelantan religious dept: Stop obsessing about what women wear

PETALING JAYA: Sisters in Islam (SIS) have condemned Kelantan’s Islamic Affairs and Religious Department's (Jaheaik) issuance of notices to 39 women, who were found to have "dressed inappropriately" during the fasting month.