Customers show support by vowing to continue flying with national carrier

PETALING JAYA: Travellers are not shying away from flying with Malaysia’s national carrier in spite of the MH370 tragedy and netizens are taking to social media to express their confidence in the airline.

Less than 24 hours after the plane went missing on March 8, media personality @willquah tweeted: “Flying MAS this evening, because accidents happen but paranoia achieves nothing.”

Some, like @sherinwong, posted photos on Instagram before boarding their flights.

“Nothing falters my faith, pride and confidence in #malaysiaairlines #mh #prayformh370,” she wrote in a post from the MAS Golden Lounge two weeks ago.

Another user, @irashakira, shared a picture of her lunch before flying to Dubai on Tuesday, with the hashtag #StillMyFavouriteAirline.

@khaerulilyana expressed her faith in the airline in a captioned picture of her flight ticket: “Still believe in MAS … #Malaysian means putting our arms around each other’s back and being there no matter what.”

@klaytan888 also posted a picture from the plane cabin after his flight from the Philippines: “Safe landing. Terima kasih #malaysiaairlines #klia #safe #planeride.”

Though Flight MH370 went missing, MAS still remains the first choice for @thatsofarah: “I am a Malaysian. I am proud flying with MY national flag carrier airline.”

@ALarshad urged others to not be shaken by the incident: “@MAS will always be top pick to fly. U have our mammoth support.”

@ShazGhaf echoed their sentiments: “This tragedy will not put me off flying MAS. They’re still the best IMO (in my opinion).”

Tweeters also used the #mhmoments hashtag to share heartwarming memories of their travels with the award-winning airline.

One moment cherished by many, including @A3894 and @zairvl, is the pilot’s special announcement at the end of a flight: “To all international travellers, welcome to Malaysia. To all Malaysians, welcome home.”

To Adriana Nordin, the practice is praise-worthy as it embeds Malaysia Airlines within the imagination of travelling Malaysians and etches itself in the hearts of returning ones.

@prasys remains a loyal customer whose next flight is with MAS, and the airline is also of great importance to Sabahan @jehansaufi.

“Coming from Sabah & living in KL for 17 yrs, MAS has been an integral part of my life. MAS is always in my heart #mhmoments,” he added.

Travel writer @Willhide expressed his support for the friends and relatives of those on board Flight MH370, and the staff at MAS: “Flew them at New Year, excellent airline I’d be very happy to fly again.”

@Raja_5 also declared his devotion to the carrier: “I for one will continue to support @MAS and their superb staff. I fly MAS. Dulu, kini, dan selamanya (Now, then, and forever).”

On Facebook, frequent flier Fifa Rahman would fly MAS again “without a doubt”: “I note how the pilot lands and I realise that Malaysian pilots really are some of the best in the world. Our cabin crew are maybe the nicest in the world.”

Like her, Zlwin ZC Chew will still take to the skies via MAS whenever possible.

“Think of the many decades of flights their planes have flown, bringing businessmen to their meetings, bringing families together, changing lives,” he wrote.

In a blog post, freelance illustrator Jasiminne Yip also felt there is no better time for Malaysians to show their loyalty to the national carrier as it is one of the nation’s “best exports and gifts to the world”.

“I’m quite certain many Malaysians feel this way, this unwavering national pride for our country, especially when the eyes of the world look to and cast doubt on us. Malaysia Boleh,” said Yip.

On Facebook, Nadia Jalil said her feelings for MAS are a reflection of her hopes for Malaysia, as nothing else gives her the same sense of belonging.

“I badly want it to do well, I rejoice in its successes, I am disappointed when it fails, I am hypercritical of its silly mistakes, but I will defend it against outsiders,” she added.


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