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Year Starter 2017

Where to buy: Properties in good locations, ie within a 30km radius of Kuala Lumpur, will be in high demand. — Photos: Filepics

Ripe for the picking

1 January 2017

It’s still a good time to buy property in Malaysia, say the experts.

Can we improve our human rights record this year?

1 January 2017

The Malaysian Government appears to be taking steps to improve its human rights record.

Let’s hope for a greener year ahead

1 January 2017

Better legislation, improved water resource management, and increased engagement with stakeholders ahead.

This year, the arts will be all about challenging traditional perceptions

1 January 2017

Why are the arts in Malaysia still divided along racial and cultural lines?

The world’s got a ticket to ride in Malaysia

1 January 2017

The weak ringgit coupled with new tourism products will help draw tourists to Malaysia in the year ahead.

Will it be another unhealthy year for Malaysians?

1 January 2017

Last year, the top three diseases Malaysians got were lifestyle diseases – ie, we got sick because of unhealthy lifestyle choices we made.

Interesting education initiatives ahead

1 January 2017

There are e-learning platforms, coding programmes and classes for underprivileged children coming in the year ahead.

The future today: The world’s first 3D-printed VR art exhibition was held at the venerable (more than 200-year-old) Royal Academy of Art in London.— Photos: Filepics

We’re going to become closely acquainted with tech

1 January 2017

From Zuckerberg’s Jarvis home assistant to virtual headsets for virtual meetings, expect IT to improve everyday life in 2017.

First hit: Special Branch members at the scene of the Movida nightclub bombing last June; the attack was carried out by locals who received instructions directly from a Malaysian IS fighter in Syria. — Photos: Filepics

Preserving the peace regionally

1 January 2017

There’s a ‘new threat landscape’ coming up in this part of the world, as terrorism changes from all out war in he Middle East to individual attacks in South-East Asia.

Rate worry: With the ringgit’s fall against the US dollar, import costs will rise and that means more expensive food. — Photos: Filepics

Back in the black? Not yet

1 January 2017

The weak ringgit continues to worry, as does the slow-down in global markets.

No to hudud: MCA deputy president and also Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong (fourth from right) and Pagoh MCA division delegates protesting Hadi’s Bill at the opening of its AGM at Alor Gajah, Malacca, last September. — Photos: Filepics

Legal storms possible in 2017, say lawyers

1 January 2017

Legal storms possible in 2017, say lawyers, as human rights challenges come up and the space for public debate dwindles.

Looking forward to this? (Above) This was the lively scene on polling day in 2013 at Alor Gajah, Malacca, an indication of the generally close fight. With new and breakaway parties forming in 2016, the 14th election, which will probably be called this year, promises to be even livelier.

Political arena hotter than ever

1 January 2017

Malaysia’s political arena will be hotter than ever in the coming months, as political parties gear up for the general election that everyone says will be called this year.

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