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Wonderland: Airports, when they are like the award-winning KL International Airport, can be much more than mere transit points, offering food, drink and lots of shopping.

Wonderland: Airports, when they are like the award-winning KL International Airport, can be much more than mere transit points, offering food, drink and lots of shopping.

Here’s a million reasons why you should spend some time in Malaysia’s international airports.

IMAGINE going on a buying spree in six of the world’s top shopping cities ... a crazy dream, you say? Perhaps not, thanks to a unique Malaysia Airports campaign designed to encourage people to enjoy shopping and dining at its six international airports in this country.

The company’s latest “Indulge Till You Fly” campaign offers the grand prize winner a RM1mil shopping spree and the shopping experience of a lifetime in Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York, London, Paris, Dubai and, of course, Kuala Lumpur.

The winner and a partner will fly business class to all the seven cities where they will stay at top-class hotels and be taken shopping at each of the cities’ premier malls.

According to Malaysia Airports’ senior general manager (commercial division) Faizah Khairuddin, the prize is in line with the “Wonderland” theme of the 2013/2014 Indulge Till You Fly (ITUF) campaign.

“We are all familiar with the various wonders of the world. With ITUF we are introducing our travellers to the wonders of the shopping world. It will be a most memorable experience for the winner – one that will be remembered for a long time.

MUST USE, BUT USE SMALL, QUALITY NOT GOOD: The Indulge & Win automated machine at KLIA where shoppers can instantly redeem shopping vouchers and enter the contest that offers a worldwide shopping spree.
The Indulge & Win automated machine at KLIA where shoppers can instantly redeem shopping vouchers and enter the contest that offers a worldwide shopping spree.

“The campaign is also very much in line with the idea that airports are places of wonder. To many travellers, airports are more than just transit or connection points. They are places of wonder, of respite, where one can get lost, even if it is for a little while, and indulge.

“Our airports are no different. They are indeed shopping and dining wonderlands to many travellers. Places where they can linger and explore and, with campaigns such as the ITUF, where they can win wondrous prizes by just spending RM250,” she explains in a press release.

Held for the fourth consecutive year, this year’s Indulge Till You Fly campaign continues till Feb 28 at all international airports in Malaysia – these are the KL International Airport/Low-Cost Carrier Terminal-KLIA, Langkawi International Airport, Penang International Airport, Kuching International Airport and Kota Kinabalu International Airport.

To take part in the contest, participants have to spend a minimum of RM250 at any F&B or retail outlet at any of the six airports. This will make them eligible to take part in the campaign’s Indulge & Win contest that automatically issues instant shopping vouchers worth RM10. (MasterCard holders can double their shopping vouchers as well as double their entries and chances of winning the grand prize.)

Shoppers can redeem shopping vouchers on the spot at one of the 40 Indulge & Win e-kiosks located throughout the six airports. All you have to do is to scan the receipts of your purchases, provide personal details, answer a question related to the Indulge Till You Fly campaign – and you will be able to redeem the shopping vouchers on the spot.

Information captured at these e-kiosks will be uploaded to a computer that will randomly select a monthly “indulger” prize winner; seven indulger prizes are given out throughout this campaign period.

The grand prize winner of RM1mil and the opportunity to shop round the world will also be selected by the computer from the pool of participants.

According to Faizah, Malaysia Airports is moving ahead into the digital era with a “never-ending quest for technology enhancement”.

“This on-going employment of technology will continue to be an integral part of the lifestyle experiences that Malaysia Airports is striving to give. It is a fantastic way to engage our customers and to increase participation.”

Indeed, the six international airports in Malaysia are not solely geared to handling passengers and baggage, as Malaysia Airports is dedicated to continually expanding its non-aviation business, which includes shopping and dining, as a vital source of revenue.

One of the challenges in this area is the fact that passengers spend an average of only two hours in airports, and of that time, a large percentage is spent in check-in and immigration, leaving only a short window of opportunity for shopping and browsing. Another obstacle is the perception that airport shopping lacks value and variety.

The Indulge Till You Fly campaign was the answer to these challenges and incorporates a strategy involving awareness, rewards and engagement.

Aiding the company’s efforts is its active use of technology, which began in 2012 and that saw a 57% increase in entries for the Indulge & Win contest during the previous ITUF campaign. Overall, there was a 134% hike in sales generated through the last campaign. The average amount spent by travellers in Malaysian airports also went up by 50%.

“The ITUF campaign is gaining recognition here and abroad. It is a key component of our drive to increase revenue from our non-aviation segment. Going forward, it will continue to be an important event in our annual calendar,” says Faizah.

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